Better Know A Mountie: Ian Smith

Smith arguably the ‘busiest man on campus.’

It’s safe to say that Ian Smith is one of the busiest students on campus. Not only does he play for the Mount Allison Men’s Soccer team, but he is the current Vice-President, External Affairs for the Mt. A Students Union (MASU). The roles are difficult to balance as a full-time student, let alone balance both of them with the schoolwork. 

During an interview with The Argosy, Smith was asked about trying to balance the MASU with the Men’s Soccer team.

“Busy, very busy, both teams that I play on … the MASU and the Men’s Soccer team have a lot of patience for me. And I’m very grateful to the boys on the field and with the MASU. They know that I have a big commitment in soccer and that I’m not willing to give it up,” Smith said.

Smith has also contributed to many volunteer organizations. The list is as long as this article, but one of the favourites was working with Mounties in Motion. The group was started by former soccer Mountie Chris Vizena. Athletes would volunteer at the hospital, and would participate with the patrons in activities like bingo.

“These individuals were pretty lonely, and it was nice for us to be the cause of their happiness for one day. It was nice to go from the most competitive people at Mt. A, to playing bingo and having a ball with seniors,” Smith said.

With all the try-outs that are currently happening at Mt. A, Smith was questioned about what it was like when he went to try-outs for the Men’s team.

“Very, very intimidating. The seniors didn’t take it easy on me, [but] the fact that they pushed me so hard made me realize how hard I would have to work for every practice, every soccer game,” said Smith. “The one word I would describe it as would be intimidating.”

Smith’s finest moment on the pitch was when the squad beat the Saint Mary’s Huskies in a late October fixture. In what was one of Aaron Gagnon’s first games for the team, and he scored twice to beat the Huskies 2-0. This was a monumental victory for the Mounties, and was the highlight of the 2011 season. 

“As a soccer player, my greatest moment was when we beat Saint Mary’s. It was my last game of second year. They are the biggest, baddest team in the league, and we were at home,” Smith said.

Having replaced his once trusty scooter with a shiny bicycle, Smith can be found in the MASU office, and on the soccer field. Smith hopes to do work with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police after graduation, before writing his LSATs.

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