Caila Henderson takes over Mt. A Right to Play

For Caila Henderson, sports are just about as much a part of her life as the blood that runs through her veins. After several years of involvement with Mount Allison’s chapter of Right to Play, Henderson will be taking over the role of president of the club at the start of next year.

“Because she was an athlete herself, she definitely understands the benefits that come from playing sport and being involved in those types of activities which is really all of what Right to Play is about,” commented fellow Right to Play executive member Callie Bowman. Henderson has been involved with the Right to Play chapter at Mt. A for several years now. During her time on the volleyball team, Henderson became one of several high profile athletes at Mt. A to support the group.

“I was always the first one out on the playground,” Henderson mentioned. Henderson recalled how she cherished her moments playing sports and how her involvement in athletics helped her gain important life skills, leadership skills, and confidence through these activities. “Not to have that opportunity is a deprivation for these kids,” she said.

One of Right to Play’s new initiatives this year involved traveling to speak to students at Salem Elementary School and Marshview Middle School. Henderson expressed a desire to build upon this current plan by adding visits to Tantramar Regional High School, even potentially adding in visits to schools in Amherst and Moncton.

Henderson will be taking over a role that was filled by co-presidents this past year. Zander McKinnon and Andrew Taylor – who Henderson credited with leaving big shoes to fill – served as the heads of the group this year. To both of them, she was a natural fit for the position. “She loves the organization, she really cares about what the power of sport and play can do to make positive change throughout the world,” mentioned Taylor. McKinnon added in a recent interview that he thinks Henderson can take Mt. A’s Right to Play group “to the next level”.

Henderson noted that she has applied skills from her time on the volleyball court, such as her determination and work ethic to her time with Right to Play. “In communities where these games are played they’re not coaching in terms of teaching them specific sports skills, it’s more using the games to teach life skills,” she noted.

Another unique attribute about the Right to Play organization that Henderson brought up was the lack of advertising the organization does so that they can fuel a greater portion of funds raised into programs. Right to Play depends on university clubs, such as the one at Mt. A, to promote the organization and their core values; values which Taylor mentioned Henderson embodies very well.

Henderson won’t have to go through next year alone, as the executive has already been chosen. For now the executive consists of the following students: Westin Cook, Ryan Murphy, Beck Canning, Jessie Dale, Rebecca McCarthy, Breanna Lane, and Samantha Kinley.

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