Staying fit in more ways than one

MASU Month of Healthy Living, October 2013

Laci Green, a self-pronounced sexuality geek and YouTube star, started off the Mount Allison Students’ Union (MASU) Month of Healthy Living with a bold interactive talk on the importance of sexual health. This talk was the preliminary event to a month put on by the students’ union that is chalked full of health-themed lessons to ensure Mount Allison students stay sexually, emotionally, physically, spiritually, and academically fit.

This week marks the first annual Pride Week put on by Catalyst MTA, a queer-straight alliance group on campus. Attending the queer-themed trivia night at The Pond on Thursday night 10:00 pm is highly recommended. Remember to show your pink patriotism all day Friday and wear your rosiest garments for Holding Hands Day. 

To assist you, Get REAL will be selling hats Thursday and Friday of this week in preparation for Pink Day. Accepting and supporting our diverse population at Mt. A is a huge contributor to health and wellness as a whole!

Nutritional awareness begins October 15, so keep your eyes peeled for fun reminders on portion control and what specific coloured foods our diets should see more of. Nutrition is the premium gasoline in our engines and remembering to eat with our stomachs and not with our brains is a huge challenge. Remember to load your plate with fifty per cent vegetables, legumes, and/or fruits, twenty-five per cent with a protein like grilled chicken or side of roasted tofu, and twenty-five per cent with a non-refined, preferably whole grain, carbohydrate. 

Nutrition week also includes a blood drive at the Civic Centre on October 15, and Relay for Life on Friday October 18. 

Finally, mental health awareness will begin during the last week of October with a few pending events on promoting life balance, and drugs and alcohol awareness. It’s also a good idea to attend meditation yoga at the Athletic Centre from 5:00-6:30 pm on Sunday October 27. Or you can always kick it up a notch and attend the campus-wide dodgeball game on Sunday October 20 at the Athletic Centre Gym. E-mail [email protected] to register your team today! 

Additionally, all residence Academic Mentors will be hosting study/help sessions throughout October to keep your academic health just as strong and prosperous.

Keep your eyes open for updates from the MASU Facebook and Twitter log (#livewell) and remember to take responsibility for your health and wellness to ensure a successful and well-balanced school year. 

Stay healthy folks!

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