Creative Poetry: ‘Take a Trip’ Mar 6

Take a Trip

Take a trip to the edge of the night

Don’t be afraid, don’t try to fight

Just let go and enjoy the flight

Let the world fade into black

Ignore that thing hanging on your back

Take it all in your stride

Though your love you try to hide

There is no escape from your own pain

All attempts  would be in vain

Take a trip to find the truth

Within this life so uncouth

Your anger fades with your youth

Take a flight into your lost dreams

Nothing is ever what it seems

Take it all in your stride

There is no need for you to hide

You can’t escape this world of pain

Feel blood beating in your brain

Take a trip

Take a trip with me

Take a trip

Take a trip and see

Take a trip into your own mind

Don’t be afraid of what you find

Let it go leave the world behind

Take it all as it comes

Dance to the beat of the ghostly drums

And in the end it’s overblown

Where once was fire, new grass has grown

Leaving a memory of pain

You can  finally break the chain

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