Mixed Tape: Teenage Redux

Maybe it’s because the term is almost over, or maybe it’s because I’m writing a thesis on gendered assumptions about teenage girls in the public poetic sphere of the literary marketplace, but lately I’ve been returning to teenage music, teenage feelings, teenage pining. Camp out in your bedroom and get some serious moping done to these songs.

“Easy Easy” – King Krule

This kid has teenage restlessness down to an art.

“Punk as Fuck” – The American Analog Set

“I’m on your side / And we’re always right / It’s perfect.”

“You Gotta Feel It” – Kevin Drew

Is there something transcendental about dirty poetry?

“Strange Forms of Life” – Bonnie “Prince” Billy

Billy’s got it bad.

“Cigarette in your Bed” – My Bloody Valentine

In youth is pleasure.

“Lover’s Spit” – Broken Social Scene

I refuse to make a mixtape without this song. Whatever.

“Why Do I Feel?” – The Shaggs

Good question.

“Vaire” – XXL

Xiu Xiu and Larsen team up to make you sad.

“Sleep Tonight” – Stars

Want to feel sorry for yourself? You can either put on a Múm album or you can listen to Stars.

“Barking at your Door” —Nathan Lawr

Ancient Greek Lyric poets had a word for poems about lamenting at a lover’s door: Paraklausithyron. Lawr’s no Callimachus, but his modern take on the genre is just as good.

 “I’m on Fire” – Bruce Springsteen

What do you call that feeling of slow burning desire, of restless despair that hinges on the edge of transcendence? I don’t know, ask Bruce.

“Ribs” – Lorde

“The drink you spilt all over me / ‘Lover’s Spit’ left on repeat / my mom and dad let me stay home / it drives you crazy getting old”

“School Night” – 

Ani DiFranco

I believe that no one should be ashamed of songs that make them cry. So here you go.

Karissa LaRocque is  a 4th year English student. She writes and edits for 7 Mondays.


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