Mixed Tape:An Incomplete Introduction to Modern Canadian “Folk” Music

Each week, the Argosy asks a member of the Sackville community to create a mixtape playlist on a theme or topic of their choosing.

I’ve used the genre descriptor “folk music” very loosely and probably incorrectly in several cases. I have done so without apology. With that in mind, here are twelve songs I love:

“You Don’t Have To Be” – Jennifer Castle (from the album Castlemusic)

Damn near impossible to pick just one Jennifer Castle/Castlemusic song. She is perfect.

“Persistent Spirit” – Bry Webb (Provider)

Folk music for ex-punks.

“The Things That Bind You” – Rock Plaza Central (The World Was Hell To Us)

One of the greatest bands to come out of Sackville.

“Crooked Coin” – Baby Eagle (Dog Weather)

Electric guitars are acceptable (and encouraged!) in modern Canadian folk music.

“Pride of Egypt” – Andre Ethier (On Blue Fog)

The storytelling tradition of folk music lives on, as strong as ever.

“Dayton” – Fiver (Lost The Plot)

See previous comment.

“People and the Planets” – Woolly Leaves (Quiet Waters)

Folk music of the Canadian metropolis.

“Rope” – Attack In Black (The Curve of the Earth)

By making a folk album, Attack In Black actually made the most punk rock album of their (too brief) career.

“Telephone Wire” – Richard Laviolette & The Oil Spills (All Of Your Raw Materials)

A song of longing.

“Digital Dash” – Dick Morello (RCPMRIEFTMAS)

Folk music for the long, cold Sackville winter (good luck with that).

“Homesick” – Snailhouse (Lies On The Prize)

The best folk music is made far from home.

“The Woods” – Entire Cities (Deep River)

This song will never remind me of anything but a late night drive home from the beach with good friends on the back roads between Sackville and Midgic . I hope that similar experiences will be given soundtracks by the songs on this list.

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