Mt. A Dancers give it all they’ve got

8617462698_19f2a73020_mSwing Society show includes a wide variety of dance styles.

From hip hop dancers to salsa dancers, Mount Allison students busted a move on the Brunton stage last Wednesday and Thursday evenings. The Swing Society invited Dance Society, Salsa Society, Varsity Dance, and Highland Dance Society to join in the fun of their annual performance, and this meant that there was a style to appeal to everyone.  Swing Society charmed the audience with “I Want To Be Like You,” an impressive number, considering its beginner level. Each pair got a moment to show off their best tricks, and the piece concluded with a special moment that highlighted the adorable Melanie Nadeau and her partner Paul Boon. Ending the piece with a romantic dip, their sparkle had everyone in the audience smiling. Another notable swing performance was “James Bond,” which was performed by the society’s advanced dancers. This unique performance brought the house down and was a great finale to the evening. It truly showed the host society’s talents and abilities. Tristan Kean is always a crowd favourite at Mt. A dance performances, and this show was no exception. Proving his theatrical skills by lip synching the opening to “Moustache,” Kean also added diversity to the show through his improvised popping and locking. Also drawing on hip hop, Varsity Dance presented “Back In Time,” which was choreographed by Brittnay Sutherland. This high-energy number followed the theme of Men in Black, with fancy tricks and an intricate tutting section.  Jackie Zorz’s piece, entitled “Wanna Get Hype,” showed off the talents of some of Mt. A’s advanced jazz dancers in brightly coloured costumes. Varsity Dance’s jazz piece also caught the attention of audience members, who cheered loudly as the group performed synchronized fouettés and danced each movement with precision. Though ballet is often perceived as a delicate and soft dance style, Kaydi Maillet and Emily Wishart brought an edginess to the classical style. Dancing to an instrumental version of “Sail,” Varsity Dancers combined agility and complex formations to create an avant-garde ballet piece. The Salsa Society always impresses, and they continued this legacy this year. The beginner class presented “El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico,” choreographed by Chelsea Poole and Max Pistner. Their sultry style was contrasted by the Celtic flare of the Highland Dance Society. Dressed in traditional kilts, this group of four dancers stood out through their originality in “Catharsis,” and their smiling faces spread a wave of joy over the entire audience. Not only did dancers entertain the audience, but musical performances brought variety to the show. Kelly Humphries, along with friends, performed a soothing tune called  “Hear.” The acoustic feel brought a relaxed folk vibe through the melding of various sweet voices. Laura Gallivan, along with Tricia Harrity, made jaws drop in the audience with their performance of Florence and the Machine’s “Shake It Off.” Laura’s strong voice wowed the audience, and the harmony with Harrity was captivating. Accompanied by guitar and shaker, this performance brought an air of professionalism to the show. Rounding out the musical performances was D’Arcy Blunston, who sang “I Believe in You.” The strength of her voice made for a stand-out performance. If you missed Swing Society’s show, there is still an opportunity to see many of these performances at Dance Society’s show, called “Twisting and Turning in Tweedie.” The show will run this Friday and Saturday evening at 9 pm in Tweedie Hall. Tickets are five dollars for Mt. A students and ten dollars for the general public.

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