Mt. A welcomes Islamic Student Association

On November 1, Mt. A’s first Islamic Student Association was created. The association aims to foster a feeling of togetherness between Islamic students and non-Islamic students at Mt. A; it gives them a sense of belonging and makes them feel at home.
Vice President of the Islamic Student Association, Mohammad Ammori, is Palestinian originally. He was born and raised in Syria and Lebanon. He came to Canada on a scholarship to study the International Baccalaureate Diploma at one of the United World Colleges. At UWC, he discovered his passion for learning about diverse cultures and nations as well as sharing his culture with different people. He is currently majoring in International Relations.
There have been attempts to create an Islamic student group in the past, but it got turned down due to the small population of Muslims attending Mt. A. Ammori met with the Islamic muar on his journey to Mt. A, being someone that has had a great passion for his religion growing up. He always wanted to emphasize his Muslim identity because of the stereotypes and false preconceptions imposed on Muslims. Ammori stated the motive for this association is to meet the needs of the students and reject these stereotypes. Meeting the needs of Muslims at Mt. A includes the adjustment of Jennings hours so they can be suitable for Ramadan. Ammori elaborated on the club’s goals of hosting presentations and Islamic activities in order to harmonize Islamic culture with Canadian culture.
The association’s goal is to teach and showcase skills to members; these skills cannot be learned in the classroom and offer instruction on time management, practical decision making, and arranging important events. It promotes personal growth by encouraging conversation and the exploration of various interests.
Through discussion and debate, Muslims and non-Muslims can better comprehend and appreciate Islam’s essential values. All students with an interest in the faith of Islam, whether Muslims or not, are welcome to join the Islamic association. Embrace Islamic Society hosts a variety of spiritual, social, and educational events that bring people from many religious and non-religious backgrounds together.

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