Tantramarsh Blues Society promises three great shows

Acts from New York, Louisiana, and California to play this semester.

For over a decade now, with George’s Roadhouse as its regular venue, the Tantramarsh Blues Society has been providing a steady number of live music sets to Mount Allison students and citizens of Sackville alike. The group recently announced its lineup of various blues artists and musical groups that will take the stage throughout the upcoming winter and spring. The three coming acts include promising and accomplished musicians from three distinct regions of the United States.

Kicking off the new season Jan. 31 will be Nathan and the Zydeco Cha-Chas, an even-handed, upbeat accordion group from Louisiana who champion their own Creole heritage through their music. The group has been active since the late eighties, having released seven albums, of which 2006’s Hang It High, Hang It Low is their most recent. Leading man Nathan Williams has introduced the zydeco style to a wide range of audiences around the globe. Flanked by his bandmates (most of whom are members of his family), Williams has always been known to provide a confident, foot-tapping tune for his audiences. He has been inducted into the Louisiana Music Hall of Fame and was awarded the Zydeco Music Association’s Lifetime Achievement Award last year.

Following the first show, Sackville will welcome the critically-lauded Candye Kane of California. On March 8, she’ll be out to prove why All Music Guide calls her an “empowered, intelligent woman with a clear idea of what she’s doing, what era she’s in, and what her politics are.” Kane—who has been involved in opera, the advent of California punk, and the blues—notably bolsters her performances with a powerhouse voice and a charismatic personality. Kane is a former adult video actress who has graced the stage of almost every notable blues festival around the world, having even performed for the president of Italy. All Music Guide further provides that “[she] is the real deal, stripper name or not.”

Guy Davis, an accomplished acoustic bluesman based out of New York City, will conclude the Tantramarsh Blues Society’s season April 11. He’s played in Sackville before and is a society favourite, having appeared in their lineup five times in the past. During his long absence of five years, he’s released several new albums. Davis has made several television appearances on programs such as Conan, and his fanbase includes the likes of Maya Angelou, Jessica Lange, and Jackson Browne.

Among some social circles, attending a Blues Society show at George’s is considered as compulsory an event as any, and this lineup will be expected to draw a comparable number of students and residents. Sackville has many great musical offerings, and these shows are no exception.

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