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Sackville is home to many artists, and being a town full of young students, it is often the place where musicians first come into their own. The Tantramar music scene has been particularly lively as of late. Artists like N!cole and Tess Poirier have released new songs, and with the start of a new school year at Mt. A, we can only assume that the fun is just beginning. As the year continues, here are some new and notable musical artists to look out for.


N!cole is an indie pop artist with an airy, dreamlike vibe. You may have heard her music on CHMA, with local hits like “Real,” “minute,” and “Listen,” which have garnered a total of 59,780 streams on Spotify alone. N!cole dropped a new album this month titled Tell Me You Can Hear Me. “The album is not just one theme. It’s all over the place, and there’s so many different emotions,” she explained, discussing the album’s wide range of song topics like confidence, depression, and small flings. This album truly has it all, and having been in production since 2021, Tell Me You Can Hear Me is truly worth the listen. N!cole’s music is available on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and other listening platforms. N!cole is also going on tour soon with other local artists like Joe Hubley, and will be stopping for performances all over the Maritimes.


Tess Poirier has recently released a new single, “September,” which beautifully combines modern influences with those of classic Canadian folk artists like Gordon Lightfoot. The song is the sort that would fit perfectly on the melancholy soundtrack of the hit game Life is Strange. “September,” which you can listen to now on Spotify and Apple Music, had a very different production process from Poirier’s previous song, “shadow puppets,” released earlier this year. “It felt so real”, they said, remarking on how different it was to work with a professional producer. Poirier has performed at local establishments, opening for another local band, 204 earlier this year, as well as a music festival in Nova Scotia this past summer. They are currently working on an EP, which they hope to release later this year, and if it is anything like what they have released so far, you can be certain it will be top-notch stuff. You can listen to their music via Spotify or Apple Music, and be sure to keep an eye out for local performances.


Joe Hubley has just dropped a five-song EP titled SPIRITS & GHOSTS, gaining a lot of local traction for his wonderfully inspired synth-pop tracks. The songs have a lot of soul, a lot of bass, and a whole lot of voice. If you find yourself a fan of Motown, Tears For Fears, electronic pop music, and soulful lyrics, you would be remiss to ignore Joe Hubley. Hubley has been praised by the CBC and CTV News and has made Atlantic Canada the place to be for up-and-coming musicians. Hubley is going on tour along with N!cole later this month and will be visiting various places throughout the Maritimes. His EP is out across platforms and can be streamed any place you get your music.


MC Bob Corn has been a local favourite for a while, and though he recently left Sackville, his music has still been as good as ever. His latest single, “So Afraid,” came out earlier this year, and his single “Skrr Skrr” just celebrated its anniversary. Bob Corn has played throughout Sackville, with “Chicken and Rice” becoming a particular favourite, especially among those of Thornton House on the Mt. A campus. Bob Corn has listed inspirations such as Eminem, Denzel Curry, and Ghetts as playing a big part in his songwriting. His music is ripe with deep bass and clever lyrics. He is a talented musician, and while Sackville is sad to see him go, the town is incredibly happy and proud of how far he has come. I, for one, cannot wait to see what he does next. His music is available on Apple Music and Spotify.


While many artists have been releasing music this year across streaming platforms, there are many musicians and even bands you can be sure to catch live in Sackville throughout the season. 204 is a local favourite, and the trio will undoubtedly be performing at venues like Ducky’s. Slush is a local up-and-comer, playing live Screamo songs in venues throughout Tantramar, Moncton, and Saint John, drawing crowds whenever they do. Both bands have energetic sets, screaming fans, and tons of great songs under their belts. Sackville has a great many distinct sounds, and it will certainly grow and change as the year continues. As it evolves, be sure to keep an eye out for these artists and the Sackville music scene.

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