Conversations about race and justice should happen outside of university sponsored discussions When I found out that Karen B.K. Chan, a sex and emotional literacy educator, was coming to Mt. A to talk about whiteness, I got really excited. During class, we were talking about the importance of acknowledging racism when I, audibly exasperated, said […]

Graphic novels and the illustrative style of comic making have seen a resurgence over the past decade. While DC and Marvel have been pumping out comic-based movies at an excessive pace, often with amazing box-office success despite how often these extremely hyped movies lack substance, a subculture of comic art is on the rise. Because […]

We have all experienced dance in one way or another – whether you are a nightclub enthusiast taking centre stage at Club P, a slow swayer at a T&L show, or a private midnight mover in front of the mirror, dance is an expressive, self-reflexive and engaging experience. As the semester draws to a close, […]

The timing of University Archivist David Mawhinney’s presentation, entitled Women in the Class of 1867, was not coincidental, given that last week was dedicated to the acknowledgement of women’s leadership. Mawhinney presented on the history of Mount Allison’s female student body. The presentation shed light on the lives of women while they attended Mt. A, […]

On Feb. 28, Sackville’s Thunder & Lightning bowling alley became the unlikely venue for PERFform 17’s eighth stop on its New Brunswick tour. The travelling series of performance pieces were enacted by visual artist duo Linda Rae Dornan of Sackville and Mathieu Léger of Moncton, in partnership with Moncton’s artist-run gallery Galerie Sans Nom. Dornan […]

This past Tuesday, the Owens Art Gallery was left buzzing after the highly anticipated Sweetest Little Thing art auction. Each year on Valentine’s Day, artists from Sackville and the larger Canadian artist community donate a piece of art for auction to fundraise for the Owens and Struts art galleries. Elaborately embellished, the cakes featured in […]

When I was in junior high school, people I did not know well began to ask me exactly what I am, a meek attempt at flirting: “So girl, what are you?” There were a number of different phrasings people could have picked for this question, and honestly, I don’t think there is a proper way […]