Student-made podcast shares the science of and coping strategies for stress and burnout  University students are, in the best of circumstances, well-acquainted with stress. The year 2020 was certainly not the best of circumstances, so what better year for a course on stress and coping with burnout? In the fall term, Dr. Lisa Dawn Hamilton, […]

Challenging honours outside the lab.   In the fall of 2017, Saralin Zassman arrived on the Mount Allison campus for the first time. The Winnipeg native was impressed by the university’s support of her not knowing what she wanted to study, unlike most other schools she had looked at. Zassman began her first year pursuing […]

Mabson’s studies are focused in identifying the limits of human attention    We‘ve all been there, taking notes while listening to your jams, and all of a sudden you’re writing out the lyrics instead of your assignment. Attention, memory, and subsequent performance are intrinsically linked, but the full extent of their connectivity is still relatively […]

Pride at Mt. A looks a little different this year due to COVID safety guidelines. * CONTENT WARNING: discussions of anti-LGBTQIA2S+ violence * “Since Pride will be smaller and facilitated a bit differently this year, the goal is definitely to focus on getting students together however we can,” said Micci Davy, a member of the […]

See the community the Association of Chronically Ill & Disabled Students has created for ill and disabled students from President, Zoë Wright     The Association of Chronically Ill & Disabled Students (ACID) was established by a Mt. A student, Olivia Auriat (’17), in 2013. Auriat and her mother began the organization as a support […]

One year since the virus took over our lives, how much more do we know now? It has been almost a year since COVID-19 began to dominate our lives. So what has the past year taught us about viruses, about science? The pandemic has reminded us that times of great hardship can lead to great […]

On October 20, Wendy Witczak began her role as interlibrary loan coordinator for Mt. A. The interlibrary loan coordinator locates and arranges for copies and loans of library materials not available at Mt. A for our users’ research. The loan system also shares our collection to other libraries. “I find most of the people to […]