On October 20, Wendy Witczak began her role as interlibrary loan coordinator for Mt. A. The interlibrary loan coordinator locates and arranges for copies and loans of library materials not available at Mt. A for our users’ research. The loan system also shares our collection to other libraries. “I find most of the people to […]

On November 9, we saw some of the most positive news regarding Coronavirus: the development of an effective vaccine. But what does this mean for the pandemic?  Pfizer and the German partner company, BioNTech, collectively announced the development of a vaccine that has proved 90% effective in clinical trials. This is well above the 60% […]

Mt. A alumnus funding the program hopes to encourage “self-awareness and acceptance. The new Sterns LGBTQ2+ Community Engagement Fund, established by Mount Allison alumnus Kevin Sterns (‘67), sees the creation of an internship aimed at providing more inclusive resources and spaces for LGBTQ2+ students. “A Mount A student will be employed as a peer educator, […]

Since 2016, the town of Sackville has found a unique way to remember its veterans. Every November, banners featuring veteran profiles can be seen hanging from lamp posts all over town. While not the first community to do this, Sackville has become well known for it, thanks to Garth Zwicker, the man credited with bringing […]

If anything, it’s its biggest opponent. Science offers a unique look at the trans experience through three areas of study: genetics (physiology), neurobiology (psychology) and endocrinology (hormones). The genetic lens looks at biological sex. Most of us learned sometime in middle school that female and male biological attributes are determined by chromosomes X and Y. […]

Honours student Bryn Scott talks about difficulties of research in the pandemic. One of the coolest parts of doing research, according to Bryn Scott, is the equipment it grants students access to. Scott is in her fourth year, completing an honours research in Dr. Meli’s lab. Between chemistry classes and classes for her biochemistry and […]

The lambda-calculus builds the functionality of typical languages with only a few (atypical) components. On November 18, the Math and Computer Science Society continued their monthly lecture series over Zoom with a talk from Dr. Geoff Cruttwell, professor in the math and computer science department. Cruttwell spoke on the lambda-calculus, an abstract programming language that […]

The Argosy editorial board would like to express our support for survivors of sexual violence in the Mount Allison community. We will always believe survivors.  A thorough news piece regarding the university’s mishandling of sexual violence allegations is being written for the first print edition of the new year. We are taking our time writing […]