Honours student Madeleine Robitaille talks biology, research, and field work. Biology student Madeleine Robitaille spent her summer chasing the world famous Bay of Fundy tides. Or more accurately, being chased by the world famous Fundy tides. The Lunenburg native is pursuing a research-based honours in biology under the joint supervision of Dr’s Hamilton and Liefer […]

Within Indigenous culture, women traditionally have been held in high regard, symbolizing strength, often known as the backbone of the family. Indigenous women are matriarchs within family, and community. They are sacred, life givers, and caretakers with responsibilities for the continuation of culture, resilience and strength to be passed on to future generations. Missing and […]

Confirming that the Ocean really is just that big. We know far more about outer space than we do about the Earth’s oceans. This was reinforced this week by the discovery of a giant coral reef off the coast of Australia. And by big, I mean taller than the Eiffel Tower, taller even than the […]

Members from across the country convene to discuss COVID-19 struggles, new leadership, and diversity in their radio stations.   Mount Allison’s campus radio station—known officially as CHMA 106.9fm or colloquially as the voice of the marshes—is one of only 3 members of Canada’s National Campus and Community Radio Association hailing from New Brunswick and thus representing […]

Project Green Light aims to educate students on proper waste sorting procedures on campus. Last year, Enactus Mount Allison conducted a survey on students in residence and their waste-sorting habits. The results indicated a serious problem. “Out of about 260 participants in residence, about 60% of students did not know how to sort waste on […]

The New Brunswick division of the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE-NB) is looking for renewed interest in the unionization of student employees at Mount Allison. Dr. Geoff Martin, is leading the search for renewed student interest as the on-site CUPE contact, to revive the unionization campaign for student employees in the hopes of creating […]

A new program organized by the Psychology Society hopes to foster connection between first, second, and upper-year students For psychology students interested in meeting other psychology students, learning more about the program, and sharing with and learning from others, Mount Allison’s Psychology Society has introduced a new peer mentorship program: Making Connections. The program will […]

This year the Argosy will be highlighting many of Mount Allison’s honours science  students by showcasing their research and a bit about themselves! Mount Allison’s science programs afford opportunities for upper year students to participate in year-long research projects, either independent studies or working with a professor on their research. Most students who partake in […]