Motyer-Fancy Theatre’s upcoming student-led productions challenge passion, discrimination and what it means to be a global citizen. Behind the light of their computer screens, two bright Mount Allison student directors have been hard at work directing complex and beautiful plays. Although they take place worlds apart (both plot-wise and production-wise, as the rehearsals have been […]

Just before November, Sam Smith and Ariana Grande blessed us with new music. Both Smith and Grande released new albums on October 30, 2020, but despite this seeming too coincidental to be an accident, it turns out that Smith and Grande’s joint album release dates were actually just a coincidence. In a music industry full […]

Netflix’s holiday series brings some much needed joy to the world. I don’t know about you, but I had a pretty crappy week.There’s the stress of final projects, take-home exams looming on the horizon, and now the brand new orange level restrictions that are, quite frankly, garbage. Naturally, I found myself needing a break from […]

New Netflix mini-series proves to be both check and mate for the streaming service. So, I’ve been reviewing a lot of movies as of late — not a bad thing, because movies are great and an important part of our culture, but like many of you, I also love a good binge. Whether it’s a […]

The Hindu Festival of Lights and why it is so important Diwali, a Hindu holiday known as the Festival of Lights, was celebrated on Saturday, November 14. “To me, Diwali is a time when I can come together with my family for this very auspicious celebration and both honour the meaning behind Diwali and take […]

Finding a sense of community and connection has proven itself to be challenging during the pandemic, but this year’s Drama Studies Society (DSS) aims to bring students together through their shared love of theatre.  The goals of the DSS are simple and important: introducing Mount Allison students to the drama studies program, hosting social events […]