Millennial writer creates captivating “future classic” In my early teens, I spent hours locked up in my bedroom, endlessly reading books and series within days of purchasing them. I was a self-described “Rory Gilmore” who wouldn’t leave my house without a book. As an English student, I spend a lot of time reading but rarely […]

The amount of time I spent watching Hallmark movies this holiday season is…embarrassing to say the least. However, there’s a certain kind of joy that comes from the predictability and cheesiness of a good Hallmark movie. So I watched and ranked all of them, so you don’t have to. There’s too many of these and […]

Playwrights Atlantic Resource Center’s U-Compete playwriting competition hopes to bring a new wave of playwrights to the Canadian theatre scene For the first time in its history, Playwrights Atlantic Resource Center (also known as  PARC) is hosting a playwriting competition for young adults. PARC is a service organization that offers support, advocacy and aid towards […]

The trend I’ve been waiting for is also the bane of my existence You may have seen it popping up on Tik Tok and Instagram – high waisted dresses, reinvented ball gowns, visible corsets and bustier tops, formal gloves and pearl-encrusted headbands: Regency-Core, the newest fashion trend to hit runways and teens alike. A simple […]

Post-secondary students from across the country devise theatre and challenge loneliness in Connections While COVID-19 has dealt the world an unjust hand of suffering and uncertainty, it has, however, had the occasional beam of light.: The circumstances have provided space for digital theatre to blossom, and for casts of diverse locations and experience to be […]

Netflix’s new series sets the world abuzz for all things Regency romance Dearest readers: over the holiday season, many of us had time to delight in the offerings of time with our families – giving gifts, eating far too much turkey, and enjoying the latest entertainment from the comfort of our own homes. One such […]

Motyer-Fancy Theatre’s upcoming student-led productions challenge passion, discrimination and what it means to be a global citizen. Behind the light of their computer screens, two bright Mount Allison student directors have been hard at work directing complex and beautiful plays. Although they take place worlds apart (both plot-wise and production-wise, as the rehearsals have been […]

Just before November, Sam Smith and Ariana Grande blessed us with new music. Both Smith and Grande released new albums on October 30, 2020, but despite this seeming too coincidental to be an accident, it turns out that Smith and Grande’s joint album release dates were actually just a coincidence. In a music industry full […]

Netflix’s holiday series brings some much needed joy to the world. I don’t know about you, but I had a pretty crappy week.There’s the stress of final projects, take-home exams looming on the horizon, and now the brand new orange level restrictions that are, quite frankly, garbage. Naturally, I found myself needing a break from […]