A compelling class commentary told in spectacular cinematic fashion While I was scrolling through my Twitter feed this fall during various study breaks, I kept seeing people rave about a popular thriller from South Korea called Parasite. I’d only seen the posters and a GIF or two, all of which made me feel like the […]

 EOS Eco-Energy hosts fashion show as part of Climate Change Week Last Wednesday, as part of the eighth annual Tantramar Climate Change Week, EOS Eco-Energy partnered with Hounds of Vintage to host a fashion show exploring the role of fashion in our society. EOS Eco-Energy is a local non-profit in the Sackville community. “We empower […]

 A buzzworthy adaptation that is anything but little Greta Gerwig exploded onto the directorial scene with her 2017 debut Lady Bird, a touching story about coming of age when the world seems against you. The film resonated with critics and mainstream audiences alike, earning five Oscar nominations including Best Picture, Best Original Screenplay and Best […]

An inside look at the wonderful world of the PARC Script Library In the quiet basement of the Crabtree building, among the bright, sterile lights and a mysterious pink computer chair at the end of the hallway, there’s a little world split between rooms B10 and B11 that is, while petite in size, an insanely […]

Garnet and Gold’s annual production sweeps audiences off of their feet in its 86th year Garnet and Gold’s already-outstanding reputation was brought to a new level this weekend with the run of this year’s spectacle, Mary Poppins. Following last year’s beautiful performance of Hello, Dolly, the annual show blew the audience’s minds yet again. Every […]

Russian pianist Kirill Gerstein provides music students with educational weekend Last weekend, the Mount Allison department of music welcomed its second annual Bragg artist-in-residence. Versatile and expressive pianist Kirill Gerstein travelled from his home base of Berlin to participate in an interactive teaching weekend with the department of music. Gerstein is one of the top […]