Production Staff

    Two (2) Illustrators and Two (2) Photographers

Illustrators and Photographers create visual content for stories 2-4 stories each week. The weekly deadlines are on Sunday evenings, the weekly meetings are Wednesdays at 5:30.

    One (1) Videographer

This is a new creative position. The Videographer will produce one visual story for online publications every other week and attend meetings.

Editorial Staff

    One (1) Illustration Editor and One (1) Photo Editor

Visual Editors manage the visual content produced by Illustrators and Photographers and cover occasional assignments. They attend Tuesday production nights and Monday meetings.

    One (1) Humour Editor and One (1) Opinion Editor

The Humour Editor sources and creates content for the Humour section of the paper. The Opinion Editor manages and edits Opinion stories from contributors. Both attend Tuesday production nights and weekly Monday meetings.

    One (1) Sports and Health editor, Two (2) Arts and Culture editors, and Two (2) News Editors

These Section Editors manage and edit the stories from reporters and contributors. They also write stories and attend Monday meetings and Tuesday production nights.

    One (1) Copy Editor

The Copy Editor is the paper’s proofreader and style guide. Depending on interest, the position can involve more responsibility and increased honorarium.

    One (1) Managing Editor

The Managing editor is a senior editor position that works closely in partnership with the editors in chief and assumes an all-around editorial leadership role at the paper.

Operation staff

    One (1) Business Manager

The Business Manager acts as the liaison between the Argosy and its partners, including its advertising clients. This position is not required to attend weekly Monday meetings or Tuesday production nights.

    One (1) Circulations Manager

The circulations manager distributes the paper across Sackville on Thursday mornings. This position is not required to attend weekly Monday meetings or Tuesday production nights.