Honours student research profiles

Emily Hubley is a fourth-year honours student in the department of psychology.

“I am currently working on my honours thesis with Dr. Gould. My research focuses on oral hygiene of older adults in long-term care. For my project, we will be implementing a new form of in-service training where care aides will discuss the problems they encounter when providing oral care for residents with advanced dementia. Dental care is important for seniors because serious health complications arise due to inadequate care. We are hoping the staff will be more satisfied with this type of training and that it will lead to improved oral hygiene.”

Jessie McIntyre is a fourth-year honours student in the department of environmental science.

“Hey everyone! I’m working with two supervisors – Dr. Diana Hamilton and Dr. David Lieske – on a remote sensing mapping project concerning the migration habits of the whimbrel in northeast N.B. The whimbrel is a large, long-distance migrating shorebird that stops in Atlantic Canada to build up energy reserves before its long journey to South America. My goal is to further understand the land use in the region and how the whimbrel are moving on this landscape to further increase our knowledge about this species of concern.”

chaoyi liang/Argosy

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