Honours student research profiles

Sam Donaldson  is a fourth-year honours student in the chemistry department.

“For the thesis component of my degree I have been working with my supervisor, Dr. Westcott, in the Wild Toads lab to synthesize ligand compounds based on maltol, a common food additive. These wonderfully frustrating compounds can be hard to make, but create very interesting metal complexes by grabbing atoms such as Gallium or Copper when mixed appropriately. It is exciting to research what similar compounds have been made and their range of applications, covering antibacterial, antituberculosis, even anticancer applications. Published papers help predict potential uses for complexes of my design, while I discover their applications!”

Marley Caddell  is a fourth-year honours student in the environmental science department.

“I am a  nature gal who loves studying the environment! This Sackville Summer, I counted bioindicators for my research on the effects of DDT—a persistent, toxic pesticide—in New Brunswick lake ecosystems.  Throughout the 1950s to 1990s, New Brunswick boasted the world’s largest insecticide aerial spraying. Even though I have lived in this province for the past 21 years, I didn’t know of this NB fun fact until I started my research. I am super stoked about this project because not only is it 100 per cent focused on my home-province, it also underlines the importance of large-scale corporations being held accountable for the legacy environmental impacts they induce!”

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