Honours student research profiles

Emma Bush is a fourth-year honours student in the department of biology.

“I am conducting my honours research under the supervision of Dr. Vett Lloyd on the topic of the prevalence and ramifications of Lyme borreliosis (more commonly known as Lyme disease) upon horses of the Maritime provinces of N.B. and N.S. This is important because it is something that has never been looked at in the Maritimes before. I am conducting this research by collaborating with the local equine communities in collecting ticks, blood samples and medical histories. This project is exciting for me as it has allowed me to meld my love of horses, biology and animal welfare.”

Forrest Gallagher is a fourth-year honours student in the department of biochemistry.

“I am completing my research on bioactive gallium compounds in Dr. Steve Westcott’s laboratory. I got excited about research in second year when I volunteered with Dr. Westcott’s Wild Toads program on Saturday mornings and have not left since, working in the lab the past two summers. My work focuses on synthesizing new compounds using the under-studied metal gallium(III) and testing them for antibacterial and anticancer properties. Previous work has shown the metal to exhibit bioactivity and it is our goal to produce compounds with medicinal properties that have fewer negative side effects on the human body and lay the groundwork for future research in this field.”

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