Letter from the MASU and University ombudspersons

Students can consult ombudspersons for grievances with MASU or administration

Dear Students,

Have you ever needed guidance regarding MASU services or policies? Have you ever had a concern or issue with the Mount Allison University administration that you would like to discuss and/or seek guidance on? If so, the answer to your question can very likely come from an ombudsperson.

One of the many services the MASU provides is consultation with both the MASU and the University ombudspersons. Ombudspersons are students who can assist in helping other students with any grievances they have with the union or school. We can act as a liaison between you and the MASU or you and the school, and help you find the right methods and people to solve your problems. Importantly, our work with you is confidential, so you never have to worry about any public issues that may stem from your concerns.

So, what do our two ombudspersons do?

As the MASU ombudsperson, Sara’s job is to provide guidance to students seeking information regarding MASU services, policies and procedures. Part of her job is to serve as an impartial body when investigating any reported grievances concerning the MASU or any aspect of student life. In these cases, she works to inform and advise students of their rights and responsibilities, and to refer them to the appropriate bodies, offices and resources to come to a resolution. As a sociology major, Sara is very interested in social justice, power structures and how people within a community interact with one another.

As the university ombudsperson, Matthew is responsible for the independent investigation of complaints made by students against the University administration and the subsequent recommendations to appropriate governing bodies. He can act in a mediatory capacity in cases placed before judicial and social justice committees, on behalf of the student as an adviser to their issues. Matthew is a fourth-year PPE student who is very interested in the rules of conduct of the university and our union.

For MASU concerns, Sara can be contacted at [email protected]. For University concerns, Matthew can be contacted at [email protected]. Simply put the heading “ombudsperson” in your email and we will be happy to assist you in a confidential manner. We can set up appointments and go over any issues you have, how we can help and where the best resources for fixing your problems are.

Please feel free to contact us with any concerns you may have so that we can help you get the answers you need!


Matthew Cross

Sara Mizen

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