MASU reports on summer projects

The Mount Allison Students’ Union’s five executive  members revealed the product of their stay in Sackville this past summer after delaying their presentations to consult with students. Presented during council meetings on Oct 20. and Oct 27., the majority of each executive member’s summer mandate covered the planning process of many changes seen in the fall semester. These included polls on campus, residence executive training, brand management, the introduction of mental health information to course syllabi and hiring procedures.The practice is in its second summer of operation.

“I felt it was odd to present our goals for the year without consulting students,” said Webster commenting on the mandates being presented halfway through the semester.

The consultation opportunities included Student Union Review discussion groups hosted this past weekend, the annual general meeting on Sept. 11 and the annual councillor retreat.

“The mandates were created when we talked about exec staying for the summer,” said MASU president Heather Webster in an interview with The Argosy on Oct. 25. “Summer is the one chance we get to fully devote to our work.”

Webster presented the results of her summer’s work on Oct 20. The presentation included an internal review, improving student use of space on campus, and plans for increased involvement from MASU executive in orientation week.

Webster has frequently referenced the success of executive involvement in orientation week.

“Because the executive was so involved in orientation […] we got first years really excited about the student union and the possibilities awaiting them,” said Webster.

The additional hours of service were reflected with an increase in honorarium from $4,300 two years ago to $8,000 this year for each executive member, excluding the presidential position. An aspect of the work for the summer was the creation of these mandates.

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