Mounties women’s basketball off to a great start in the new year

Dedication, hard work and team support are paying off

The basketball team has been working hard to keep their winning streak this semester. Greg Ellison/Contributor

The Mounties women’s basketball team has started the new year with a two-game win streak. The team will need to keep up this momentum in order to secure a playoff spot later this season. With only nine matchups left in the season, every game will count.

On Saturday, Jan. 11, the Mounties defeated UNB Saint John 66-55 in the 20th annual Kingston Cup, a yearly rivalry game between the two schools.

First-year guard Sophie Trail scored 16 points, second-year forward Abby Miller scored eight rebounds and first-year guard Maddy Greatorex led the team with six assists.

On Jan. 15, the team won their second game in a row against Crandall University with a final score of 76-56. Trail led the game with 17 points, while fourth-year guard Jill Harris led the team with seven rebounds. Greatorex, Trail and third-year forward Sophie Hartlen tied for most assists with one each.

The Mounties were meant to face Mount Saint Vincent on Sunday, Jan. 19 in Sackville but the game was postponed to an undetermined date due to poor weather.

In the first half of the season, the Mounties finished with two wins out of seven games. These wins combined with their current two-game winning streak put them at fifth place in the Atlantic Collegiate Athletic Association.

“At this point in the season, we have already played every team in the league at least once,” said Harris. “We play each team three times so it is important for us to learn from our early games and hold each other accountable in order to better ourselves.

“We have a very young team this year with a lot of potential, which is exciting,” said Harris. “Being a student athlete has helped teach me how to handle challenges and get along with a variety of different personalities. As an upper-year player, I have the benefit of perspective and I try to bring that as support for my teammates on and off the court.”

From the perspective of upper-year players, “It’s incredible to reflect upon the progression of myself and my teammates since joining the team,” added Cole Smolensky, a third-year guard. “We’ve all had the opportunity to grow not only as players but also as friends.”

As the season continues, the Mounties have high expectations. “As we still have more than half of our season left, I am confident that we will continue to grow as a strong and fast team,” said Hannah Hawkes, a second-year guard. “We will continue to practise hard and to encourage each other in order to meet our goals. Being a second year requires more responsibilities, including helping the first years transition and being a good example on and off the court.”

First-year guard Ashley Hamilton recognized these responsibilities in upper-year players as well: “The whole team was so welcoming and made the transition on and off the court easy. The girls always have my back and are always willing to help me every step of the way.”

The Mounties’ next game will be at home on Saturday, Jan. 25 at 1:00 p.m. against University of King’s College.

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