Green party promises to eliminate tuition and more in full platform release
Last Wednesday, the Green Party of Canada released their full platform, which promised to eliminate tuition fees for low-income students. The Green Party is the first party to release their platform during this federal-election cycle. Improving the condition of Canada’s rail system and taking drastic environmental action are also among the main priorities laid out by the party.

Continued response to Syrian refugee crisis in Europe
As the situation in Syria progresses steadily, international response to the many displaced persons continues to develop. A proposed European-Union quota system will not allow migrants “to choose what country they will end up in,” according to Thomas de Maizière, the German interior minister. Germany alone expects to receive a predicted 800,000 migrants in the next year. Efforts from around the world have provided shelter and resources to many of the over-four-million displaced Syrian nationals.

Indonesian wildfire infringing on air quality in Malaysia and Singapore
Indonesian forces numbering over 10,000 will be sent to fight fires in the Sumatran region. Not a rare occurrence for Indonesia, government response to wildfires has in the past been less than satisfactory. As of Sept. 11, over 22,000 cases of related respiratory illness had been reported in South Sumatra alone since the onset of the fires. Air quality in Singapore has been categorized as very unhealthy and the haze blanketing the area is approaching hazardous conditions.

Students in Bangladesh protesting education tax
Protests began last Wednesday in Bangladesh over an increase in education tax for private universities. Of the 122 universities in Bangladesh, 83 of them are privately-owned. The new tax will be a 7.5 per cent increase, which would raise Bangladeshi private-university tuition rates from Tk 4,000 ($51) to Tk 5,000 ($64). Lower-middle-class students are concerned about the burden this tax will create on their families and on their ability to continue their educations.

Delhi struggling to cope with dengue-fever outbreak
Since the outbreak of dengue fever began in Delhi, India, 1,872 people have been diagnosed and five patients have died. This has been the largest outbreak of dengue fever in five years. Dengue is caused by a female mosquito bite which causes fevers and sometimes severe muscle and joint pain. Hospitals are struggling to accommodate all patients, and some patients even have to share beds. The Delhi health ministry has ordered government hospitals to open fever clinics.

Australian prime minister sworn in
Malcom Turnbull was sworn in on Tuesday as Austrialia’s 29th prime minister. As the fourth Australian leader in two years, Turnbull promises to focus on improving the economy. Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott warned that the instability of Australia’s government may harm their standing on the global stage. Abbott was deposed two years into his three-year term in the wake of Australia’s $1.5-million economic downturn.

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