Windsor Hall voted tenth best residence

Mount Allison residence hall recognized nationally by Huffington Post and UniversityHub

Windsor Hall slid into Huffington Post’s ranking of the top ten university residence in the tenth stop.
Windsor Hall is Mount Allison’s largest residence, holding as many as 250 students in the four-floor building. There are two all-female wings within the house, which is located next to Jennings dining hall.
Last Tuesday, Huffington Post released an article on the best university residences in Canada based on information from University Hub (UHub). UHub is a website designed in the hope to assist students in navigating the university application process.
UHub surveyed over 1,000 university students in Canada in order to create this list.
At the top of the list was fellow Atlantic school and consistent rival Saint Francis Xavier University’s residence O’Regan Hall. Other Atlantic Canadian university residences that made the list just above Mt. A were Dalhousie’s Risley Hall and Acadia’s Cutten House.
Maureen Adegbidi, third-year student and 2014/2015 Windsor Hall president, spoke to the recognition of her former residence house. “Windsor gets a pretty bad rep[utation] around campus all the time,” said Adegbidi. “The people who live in Windsor know it’s really a nice place so to have it confirmed created a great deal of satisfaction.”
“Yes, this was a win for Windsor and one that they should rightfully be proud of, but I see this report as reflecting positively on all our residences,” said Adam Christie, director of student life. “ You get a sense of the level of pride, energy, and enthusiasm that students and their house execs bring to their houses and to the University as a whole. “
“Windsor Hall’s reputation used to be of a party-oriented house that wasn’t very spirited,” said Ryan Lebreton, vice-president student life and former social chair of Windsor Hall. “In the last couple years we’ve seen the image of Windsor shift… they’re more focused on building a sense of community.”
Huffington post described Windsor as “[…] the largest residence on campus, known for its community feel that will make attending school in a small town feel like you’ve never left home.”
The size of Windsor Hall appears to be the reason why the community feeling of the residence is so strong. “Since Windsor is so big, you have every type of person on campus in Windsor,” said Adegbidi. “I would probably say it is the most diverse on campus.” Adegbidi additionally said that the diversity within Windsor created the ability to learn from many different people while living there.
“Everyone finds a place there because there’s an option of so many different people,” said fourth-year student Corryn Bamber. Bamber has been on Windsor’s RA staff for three years, serving as Resident Assistant and Assistant Don.

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