Discussion Corner: Tell us about your favourite professor! Who has gone above and beyond to support you as a student?

Members of the Mount Allison community share their thoughts on this week’s topic

Sarah English

Dr. Nurse is one of the best professors on campus! He is approachable, fair, kind and dedicated to making sure his students benefit not only from the classes he teaches, but from the overall Mount Allison experience. It is easy to see that Dr. Nurse is passionate about the issues discussed in class and he is always promoting important events happening on campus and in the community. His down-to-earth personality and humour is an added bonus, making lectures all the more interesting and enjoyable.

Ella Porter

Dr. Kern is one of my favourite professors. Her classes are informative and interesting, but most of all she is understanding and open-minded. Her late policy is the most accessible one I’ve seen at Mt. A. This past month, she has been very helpful and accommodating as I had a personal thing that interfered with my ability to do work. It’s been a weight off my shoulders.

Alyssa Leonard

My philosophy teacher, Dr. Dryden, is amazing. She’s funny, she is clear on everything, she works really hard to make sure all of her students are doing well and all! I even emailed her a question for a philosophy paper I was writing for English and she helped me, and English is not even her department. She is a great professor.

Rachael Hanakowski

Fab Antonelli in the sociology department has stayed tried and true to his open and accessible pedagogy over time. He puts significant thought and care into his teaching and is overall an awesome professor. He will help you succeed if you ask questions!

Kat McVeigh

Dr. Levesque’s passion for politics is contagious and he really wants nothing more than to inspire the leaders of tomorrow and watch everyone he teaches succeed.

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