February favourites 2023

Some things I’ve been totally loving this month!

1.  The Album Desire, I Want to Turn Into You by Caroline Polachek 


Polachek’s ambitious sophomore album is akin to a musical romp through Homer’s Odyssey, if Odysseus was leather-clad, trapped in a pixelated video game, and grew up listening to Kate Bush. With the help of producer Danny L. Harle, in Desire, I Want to Turn Into You, Polachek’s most unique strengths are given the room to shine at center stage. From using vocal trills to replace guitar solos and inventing words like “mythicalogical” and “wikipideated,” Polachek dissolves the boundaries of pop and electronic music. On the opening track, “Welcome to my Island,” Caroline becomes Calypso, luring you into a realm that is completely its own, from which there is no escape. From there, you’re in for a wild ride through orchestral synths, spanish guitar riffs, and at one peak, bagpipes. Best of all, Polachek’s voice, the siren song that grounds so many contrasting sounds, is almost as vulnerable and raw as the emotional scope covered in the album. From the gut wrenching “look over the edge, but not that far,” a posthumous tribute to revolutionary producer, SOPHIE, in “I Believe,” to the children’s choir belting “I’ve never felt so close to you” on the closing track, “Billions,” Polachek leaves no emotional stone unturned. Desire, I Want to Turn Into You is an ode to wanting, loving, grieving, losing, abundance, and escape. It is an island I haven’t even been tempted to leave this month.   


2. Saying “unserious” 

I don’t know, it just sounds like a made up word. The fact that the opposite of serious is “unserious” is just unserious. It really can be applied to any situation too. Enjoying a delicious Flying Bean oat cake? This is UNserious baby! Out of toilet paper? Be sooo unserious. 


3. Rewatching season three of Succession before the last season comes out in March 


The absolute debauchery of it all! I can’t wait to find out how the uber-rich media conglomerate family meets their demise, and if Greg and Tom will finally kiss. 


4. The scene from Air Force One (1997) where Harrison Ford’s character says “If you give a mouse a cookie, he’s gonna want a glass of milk.” 


Thought-provoking and profound. A delivery that gives Austin Butler as Elvis a run for his money!  


5. Lent


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