Letter to the Editor: Give me a refund, or get sued

As a student working on my sixth year and second degree at your school, I have been trying my best to give you the benefit of the doubt throughout the past few weeks as we worked through a faculty strike. I had been hoping that you would keep your students’ opinions in mind and that you would adjust the semester to best fit our needs.

Instead you have basically told us all that you don’t care about our opinions, that you don’t care what your students think. You tabled two proposals, each of which would have giving us eight days of class time back. While this is far from the fifteen class days we lost due to the strike, we could have worked with it. However in your meeting of the Senate today, Wednesday, Feb. 19, you allowed a professor, one of the individuals responsible for the loss of our class time in the first place, to reduce the number of new class days we would receive because the exam period would have been too hectic for the professors, and because it would have only given them two days after the exam period to submit marks.

So now we are only getting three class days back, nowhere near enough time to make up for the fifteen class days we lost. And even when all of the student senators, the ones representing your 2400 paying students, voted against this terrible plan, you still voted in favour of it. You might as well have just sent an email to the student body telling us that our opinions don’t count, that you will do whatever you want, and that you will side with the professors that caused this problem in the first place. Mt. A, considering you won’t give me my class days back, I will instead be demanding my money back. There should have been seventy-four days in total that we were paying for (sixty-two class days and twelve exam days). Now there will only be fifty class days and ten exam days. That means that I will be expecting you to refund what I paid for those fourteen days lost ($48.95 per day lost), otherwise I will see you in court.

– Justin Pauley

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