After reviewing printing costs, staff pay, reasons for burnout and turnover, and issues with the current publishing schedule, the Argosy proposed in March 2018 to change its weekly printing schedule. The Argosy has consulted with students via a survey distributed in March 19 and a funder’s meeting held on March 29. The Argosy has also consulted its staff and the Argosy board for feedback.


Click here to view the editor-in-chief’s op-ed about reasons for the publishing change.


To view the proposal sent to students on March 19, download: Proposal-to-change-argosy-printing.pdf


To view the survey results, visit:


As of April 2, 2018 the Argosy has decided to go forward with its proposal to publish online continuously with bi-weekly print issues starting in September 2018. The Argosy will be re-allocating the budget saved from reduced printing costs to fund honoraria and its increased online presence.


The Argosy still welcomes feedback addressed to [email protected]. A meeting open to funders (Mount Allison students) to discuss its new budget will take place in fall 2018 on a date TBA.