Microsoft releases the Xbox One

New console released in time for Christmas.

Looking at the Xbox One in comparison to the Xbox 360, one can see how there is little resemblance between the two systems. It is clear that Microsoft has been working towards the next generation as early as 2008, when it brought eight-player part chat, Netflix, and customizable player Avatars. Unfortunately, with the Xbox One, Microsoft has managed to design a system that will blend in with all of your other components in your home entertainment centre, as it is visually unappealing. With the console being larger than the original Xbox 360, and the return of the power brick and an even larger Kinect sensor, there are a lot of questions to ask about the new console.

The new Xbox One has three USB ports, with two on the back and one on the side, that are currently very useful for charging controllers or connecting with a Fightstick*. The one major difference between the 360 and One, however, is that Xbox One has a Blu-ray drive, so a second device is not needed any longer to run those movies. Microsoft also had the unfortunate task of redesigning a controller that in reality, nobody found had any issues to begin with. The 360 controllers were praised, so it will not come as a surprise that there aren’t many changes to the controller. It is quite a comfortable controller, with a lighter weight, but much better texture to avoid the slippery feel you would normally get with long sessions with the 360. The thumb sticks might feel smaller, but the adjustment was very quick and actually helped make your shot more accurate. 

The main page on One is very similar to anyone who has used Windows 8. The coloured tiles were quite easy to navigate, and the dashboard was much more organized. Also, the Kinect actually works with voice commands this time, and really was quite simple to use. However, it demands full names of movies and games, so instead of“Ryse”, you must say “Ryse: Son of Rome,” for example. It also does not currently have integration with social media networks like Facebook, which will likely come with an update, but it is surprising that it wouldn’t come with the launch. 

With being able to watch a football game at the same time you play a game, the Xbox One currently has the advantage over Sony when it comes to its release. It currently has better launch titles, and if I had to pick a winner at this time, the winner would be Microsoft. However, Sony is cheaper, and has the potential to be amazing with some updates, so stay tuned for upcoming months.

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