Senior Editors



Maia Herriot

Maia is a fourth-year english student and co-editor-in-chief here at The Argosy. Originally from Regina SK, she came to Sackville to escape landlocked small towns with vaguely suggestive names.


Minnow Holtz-Carriere

Minnow Holtz-Carriere is a fourth-year history student and co-editor-in-chief of the Argosy. This is her third year at the paper and sometimes she misses writing tedious articles about university admin for the news section, where she previously worked as an editor.

Business Manager


Luc Doucet

Luc is in his fifth-year finishing up a double degree in Commerce and Environmental studies. If he’s not on the red floor at the library than he is probably running, cycling, playing hockey, or rock climbing.

Production Manager


Kiara Mazerolle

Kiara Mazerolle is the Production Manager for the Argosy.

Distribution Manager


Mikaela Kaiser

Mikaela Kaiser is the Distributions Manager for the Argosy.

Copy Editor


Charlotte Savage

Charlotte Savage, the Argosy's resident nitpicker, enjoys microwaveable foods, YA fantasy novels, and building IKEA furniture. There's a degree in modern languages on the very distant horizon.

Section Editors

News Editors


Amelia Fleming

Amelia MacDougall Fleming works as a News Editor for the Argosy. She is a third-year student who is majoring in geography and minoring in women’s and gender studies and sociology. Amelia grew up in Sackville and has read the Argosy her whole life.


Emma Conrad

Emma Conrad is a News Editor for the Argosy.

Arts & Culture Editor


Ben Maksym

In his fourth year at Mount Allison, Ben Maksym is excited to be returning as the Argosy’s Arts and Culture editor this year. When Ben is not busy with his English major or Drama minor, you might find him in Sackville’s Waterfowl park for a stroll, or playing video-games with friends.

Opinions Editor


Lauren Shay

Lauren Shay is the Opinions Editor for the Argosy.

Creative Editor


Matthew Cann

Matthew Cann is the Creative Editor for the Argosy.

Humour Editor


Trill Waves

Trill Waves is a colossal asshole who somehow conned his way into a position on the Argosy staff as Humour editor for a second year in a row. We don’t know how he got here or how to get rid of him. Please contact if you have any idea on how to get rid of this pest.

Visual Editors

Illustrations Editor

Ashli Green

Ashli Green is a visual artist who has lived and studied independently in many places across Canada, which has influenced her work greatly. While also a graduate from SOVA in Dawson City, Yukon- she is now currently based in Sackville, New Brunswick continuing her studies toward a Bachelor of Fine Art.

Photography Editor


Gill Hill

Gill Hill, a third-year BFA student focusing on photography and minoring in music, is from Woodstock, Ontario; where cows and 'hill billies’ alike assemble. Gill is very excited to be the photo editor for the Argosy this year and is pleased to be on this great team of creative individuals!


News Reporters


Martha Pitre

Martha Pitre is a News Editor for the Argosy.


Laura Skinner

Laura Skinner is an English major, creative writing enthusiast, and an avid photographer. She spends most of her time talking about her Scottish heritage, attempting whichever sport interests her at the time (currently golf) and annoying her pets. She also fills up her free time by painting and going on runs.


Zoe Hunter

Zoe Hunter is a News Editor for the Argosy.

Arts & Culture Reporters


Hannah Tuck

Hannah is a third year drama studies major from a small town in Newfoundland you definitely haven't heard of. When not saying yes to everything, she can be found being indecisive in a Chapters, using her friends as test dummies for bad jokes, or rewatching Gilmore Girls... again.


Maggie Pitman

Maggie Pitman is a third-year student pursuing a Bachelor of Music with a minor in international politics. She enjoys writing in many different styles and is excited to be a part of the Argosy staff for the 2018-2019 school year.


Julianna Rutledge

Julianna Rutledge is a third year English major at Mount Allison University. She grew up outside of Toronto (which she never quite liked) and moved to Sackville for university (which she would like better if there were less exams). She is an Arts and Culture reporter at the Argosy.

Visual Staff



Mara Ireta Gordon

Mara Ireta Gordon is an Illustrator for the Argosy.


Madeleine Hansen

Madeleine Hansen is an Illustrator for the Argosy.



Aude Gazzano

Aude Gazzano is a second year student studying modern languages and women and gender’s studies. She enjoys hiking, drinking tea, and talking about her cat.


Greg Ellison

Greg Ellison is a photographer for the Argosy.

Online Staff

Online Editor


Ada Clevinger

Ada Clevinger is an online editor for the Argosy in her third year of a computer science degree. She is amazing at her chosen field and does spectacular work. Yes, she wrote this. She also enjoys rock climbing, dancing, writing, and any other way to while away this mortal coil. Update here.

Social Media Manager


Tori MacBeath

Tori MacBeath is a second-year student from Moncton, New-Brunswick. She is studying international relations with a double minor in art history and French. She enjoys dogs and talking about songbirds native to New Brunswick.

HR Rep


Ryan Schultz

Ryan Schultz is the HR Representative for the Argosy.