On March 28, Convocation Hall hosted the Last Lecture, a sentimental event geared toward upcoming grads. Part awards night, part inspirational address, the event is hosted by the grad committee. They invite a current professor, chosen based on student votes, to speak to the graduating class. Mario Levesque, assistant professor of political science and international […]

Last week I was invited to my first Super Bowl party. I was hesitant as I imagined walking into a room smelling of old socks and beer, immediately being overwhelmed by the sense of men attempting to affirm their masculinity. Despite this, I heard there was going to be snacks, so maybe it would not […]

1. Thrasher fedoras 2. Phone sex with someone in the same room. 3. Performance art in which the artist simply eats can of cold Chef Boyardee and keeps looking at their phone, repeatedly refreshing Instagram to see if they got any likes 4. Impressionist-style paintings made with bacon grease 5. Posting pics on the Gram […]

A $415 per-month sanctuary Open my door A pungent smell dirty laundry and stray hairs a collection of cups collecting dust represent the hours of sleep lost trying to memorize trying to analyze trying to come to terms with accepting my failures beyond all this chaos is my bed so I will collapse into its […]

There is immense pressure at Mount Allison to be a perfect student. This ‘perfect’ student is someone with top marks and a vibrant social life, who is involved in extracurricular activities and is physically active – all seemingly without having a mental breakdown. This school year, for the first time ever, I am not involved […]

I, Deb McMillan, am in absolute SHAMBLES. I fear my pure, virginal, Taylor Swift-loving daughter has been corrupted by what can only be described as ‘politically correct Marxists!’ The return of my daughter this weekend was not a joyous one. Reagan was right, the commies are everywhere! My sweet, non-critical thinking baby girl has been […]