During these trying times, draw some birds! Here are some of the Argosy’s favorites: Download the bird (right-click, save-picture-as) (Check back periodically for new birds!) (Send yours to theargosy@outlook.com if you want it to be included: include the word ‘BIRD’ in the subject header of the email and tell us the image name as well […]

I’ve been on this bus for nearly three hours. The window next to me is open slightly and the cold mist from the fog occasionally gives me a spritz to the face. It’s almost as though the bus is spitting in my face. I ask myself what I did to deserve this, and come up […]

Following the week-long bender undertaken by many Mt. A students during the faculty strike, the Mount Allison Student Liver Union (MTASLU) has declared its intentions to strike, citing poor working conditions, long hours and extreme physical abuse. The MTASLU demands at least a two-day break from drug and alcohol consumption and a long-term commitment to […]

After seven months of negotiating, full-time professors and librarians at Mount Allison University voted to strike Monday if a new collective agreement couldn’t be reached. Latt Mitvak, president of the Mount Allison Faculty Association (MAFA), said the top issue is the number of faculty members available to deliver programs. “Over the past 10 years we’ve […]

Citizens of Mount Allison, my tips have returned, not out of my own desire, but rather out of my own rage. This is my final semester at this institution and something truly beautiful happened on my first day of classes. While sitting in a second-year psych course that I forgot to take until now, my […]