Our Team

Islay Fraser


Hi! My name is pronounced Eye-lah and my pronouns are she/her/elle. I am a fourth-year student pursuing a double major in English and French and an organizer with Divest MTA. I have an overwhelming love for reading, writing, music, nature, and home.

Mira Donaldson


I am from Northern Ontario and I am in my fourth year at Mt. A doing a cognitive science honours and a computer science minor. I enjoy reading and writing sci-fi, playing my guitar at odd hours, taking pictures of interesting ducks, and eating all things chocolate (something my diabetic pancreas doesn’t appreciate).

Paul Oyedijo

Business Manager

Hello! I am in my fourth-year doing a BA Honours in Economics with a minor in Commerce. I manage the finances, and operational activities of The Argosy. I am from Lagos, Nigeria – and love to update myself on the political and economic scene around the world as well as watch movies during my free time.

Allen Tetteh

HR and Audit Manager

Hi! My work is to provide safe and positive working environments (good vibes) for the staff while maintaining professional conduct at the organizational level. I also scrutinize and review financial information on a monthly basis.

Grace Tarrant

News Editor

I am a fourth-year student from Fredericton, New Brunswick, majoring in Political Science and minoring in Canadian Public Policy and Canadian Studies. This year I am New’s Editor with the Argosy.







Emma Yee

Creative and Arts and Culture Co-Editor

I was born and raised in Markham, Ontario, where I wrote for her high school paper. I learned about Mt. A at a provincial honours choir and have been hooked ever since. I am now in my third year, pursuing a Bachelor of Music in Voice and a Bachelor of Arts in History. In my free time, I like to read pretentious old books and cook elaborate meals.



Tedi Buffett

Arts, Culture, and Creative Co-Editor

I am a second-year student from Halifax, Nova Scotia, majoring in English. In my free time I enjoy reading, cooking and creating. I am proud to be an Arts, Culture & Creative Co-Editor with the Argosy this year.

Astrid Kreuger

Opinions Editor

I’m a fourth-year International relations, Philosophy, and History student from Edmonton, Alberta! I love the public library, the free press, and Charli XCX. I’m so excited to hear from all corners of campus as the opinions editor this year!

Lily Baker

Copy Editor

I was born and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia, and am in my fourth and final year at Mount A. I am a Classics major, and found my way to the Argosy after being involved in my previous college’s student journal of history, art history, classical studies, and political science. I am a writer in my spare time, and have a great appreciation for musicals and strategy games.

Joe Caswell

Humour Editor

I was born, raised, and remain in Sackville, New Brunswick. I am a fourth year Philosophy student and renowned enjoyer of free things and pets.


Hope Edmond

News Reporter

I am from Enfield, Nova Scotia. I am a fourth year student studying Political Science with a minor in Sociology.




Aura Groomes

News Reporter

Hi! My name is Aura Groomes (she/her) and I’m a fourth-year Sociology student from just outside of Bathurst, New Brunswick! This is my second year as an Argosy reporter and I’ve enjoyed getting to know people within the Sackville and Mt. A communities. Outside of the Argosy, I love to write, listen to very specifically curated playlists, and spend too much time and money at Aida’s Cafe with friends

Emma Runnalls

News Reporter

Emma is typing…

Kelvin Ndubuisi

Arts and Culture

I am from Anambra, Nigeria. I am a geography major and a double minor in environmental science and Visual Material Culture. The Argosy is a fun family I am happy to belong to.

Laura Hubbert

News Reporter

Hi! My name is Laura Hubbert (she/her), and this is my first year as a News Reporter for the Argosy. My hometown is Woodstock, NB, and I am currently a second year Bachelor of Science student here at Mt. A. I decided to join the Argosy because I thought that becoming more involved in the university community would be a good experience. In my spare time, I enjoy playing the piano, reading, and spending time with my family and friends.

Abby Daley


I am from Saint John, New Brunswick and came to Mt.A. because I fell in love with Sackville and the community. I am a fourth-year pursuing a Bachelor of Science with an Honours in psychology. When I am not stressing out about everything, I enjoy reading, watching anything on Netflix, and talking to myself in silly voices.

Hannah Lucas

Arts and Culture Reporter

I am a Newfoundlander-turned-New Brunswicker, an active member of Sackville’s theatre community. While I am earning my degree in Drama Studies from Mount Allison, I am employed as an actor and instructor for Live Bait Theatre, as well as a Student Technician for the Motyer-Fancy Theatre. When I am not onstage or writing, I can be found sipping a cup of tea. If you like my stories, I’ll take a medium orange pekoe tea with two milk and two sugar, please.

Zoe Hunter


I am a fourth-year English honours student. I have been working at the Argosy since my first year and am excited to be returning as an Arts and Culture reporter.

Kelsey Ross


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Maika Branch


I am a second-year English and Drama student with a passion for storytelling in its many shapes and forms! I was born and raised in Moncton, NB with my roots in Acadian and Dutch culture. I adore writing, swing dance, and giving in to my sweet tooth.

Anabel Donison

Photography Editor

I am a second-year Mt. A student studying at the Pierre Lassonde School of Fine Arts. I grew up in Ottawa Ontario with my three little sisters, then moved to Dallas, Texas where I discovered my passion for cinematography and photography. Immediately after high school, Covid erupted, and I lived abroad in England where I studied photojournalism and photography. I am thrilled to be working with the members of the Argosy this year.

Kenzie Melanson


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Kate DesRoches


I am from Halifax, NS and am in my fourth year doing honors in environmental studies with a minor in sociology. This is my first year working for the Argosy and I am so excited to be a part of it! Outside of academics and photography, I can be found organizing with Divest MTA, playing the French horn in symphonic band and pep band, crocheting, collaging, and serving coffee at Cranewood.

Sophia Lawrence

Illustrations Editor

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Gabe Theriault


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Maria Lutz


Maria is typing…

Davante Rolle

Distributions Manager

Hi, I am a second-year commerce aviation student from the Bahamas. I am so excited to work as the Distributions Manager this year.

Enoch Adekiitan

Website Development Manager

Hi, I am a fourth-year computer science student with minors in Physics and Math. I like playing soccer, running, and watching movies in my free time. I have worked here as a Web Development Consultant for a month and a half last year, and I am so excited to work as a Website Development Manager for the school year.

Muhammad Khan

Social Media Manager

Hi! I am Hamza, I use he/him pronouns and I am from Pakistan, I am the new Social Media Manager for Argosy, currently majoring in Aviation. I love dogs, skiing and obviously flying