Our Team


Emma Yee


Hello! I am Emma Yee (she/her) and I’m from Markham, Ontario. I am in my fourth year at Mount Allison, pursuing a BMus in Voice. I’ve been in The Argosy since my first year, and am happy to return as one of the Co-Editors-in-Chief. When I’m not in the Argosy office or in the music conservatory, you’ll find me baking, crocheting, or walking my dog!


Tedi Buffett


I am a third-year English major at Mt. A and one of the Co-Editors-in-Chief at The Argosy this year. I am originally from Whitby, ON, however, I now call Halifax, NS home. In my free time I enjoy reading, writing, and cooking.


Davante Rolle

Business Manager

Hi everyone! My name is Davante Rolle and I am from Nassau, The Bahamas. I am in my third year at Mt. A studying Commerce-Aviation. As this year’s business manager, my job is to ensure efficient business transactions. I love flying planes as well as spending quality times with friends and family!

Allen Tetteh

Allen Tetteh

HR and Audit Manager

Hi! My name is Allen. I am a Ghanaian national currently pursuing a major
in Biology. I hold office as the Human Resource and Audit Manager of the
Argosy. Essentially, I ensure all staff issues are
addressed and foster good healthy relationships amongst my colleagues. In
addition, my role as audit manager requires me to scrutinize and review financial information to ensure revenue is well spent. Nevertheless, aside from work and school, I enjoy swimming and playing soccer.

Rachel Wadden

News Editor

Hello! My name is Rachel (she/her), and I am super excited to work as News
Editor for the Argosy this year! Going into my fourth year, this will be my last year at Mount Allison, graduating with an English and
Psychology degree in May (hopefully).

Maika Branch

Arts, Culture, and Creative Co-Editor

I am a third-year student majoring in English literature and drama studies.
Originally from Moncton, NB, I love storytelling in every shape and form! You
can find me writing, performing, dancing
(acceptably), drawing (terribly), or stuck in a tree somewhere. Send your tallest ladder and your best climbers.


Jacob Farrell

Arts, Culture, and Creative Co-Editor

Hi! My name is Jacob Farrell (He/Him) and I’m from Marystown, Newfoundland and
Labrador. I am entering my third year at Mount Allison, and my first year with The
Argosy! I am currently working towards a double-major in Classics and Commerce, while at the same time being an active
member of the university’s arts communities. When I’m not busy with schoolwork, you can often find me curled up in my
Taylor Swift cardigan reading a Greek Tragedy
or spinning a record. I am so honoured to working with the Arts and Culture
section, and I look forward to sharing some great stories with our readers this year!


Justin Jamieson

Opinions Editor

I am a fourth-year student from Moncton, NB majoring in Political Science and minoring in International Politics. I like keeping up with current affairs and sometimes I take photos. I look forward to reading and sharing your thoughts!


Francesca Smith

Copy Editor

Hi! I am a fourth-year BA student. I am completing a major in English lit and a
minor in Art history. I like books, movies, music, and visual arts.

Callum Keenan

Callum Keenan

Humour Editor

I’m from Ottawa where politicians make nests of lies and comedy goes to die. I’m getting a degree in math. When I’m not trying to figure out what one plus one equals, I love playing Ultimate Frisbee (yes, it’s a
real sport). Outside of frisbee, I love reading
fantasy novels and forcing everybody I know to either try frisbee or Avatar The Last Airbender.


Arianna Roach

News Reporter

My name is Arianna (she/her), and I am from
Moncton, NB. I am currently pursuing a
Bachelor of Arts at Mount A and I love connecting with my community.


Sydney Shephard

News Reporter

Hi! My name is Sydney, and I am a fourth-year student that is majoring in
environmental science and minoring in biology! I’m looking forward to
becoming a climatologist in the future and am obsessed with meteorology. In my free time, I enjoy sketching and writing about my own creative stories and characters. Photography and landscape painting is also a hobby of mine. I absolutely adore exploring/hiking and I am also known for my baking skills (specifically, cookies). My favourite show of all time is Mr. Robot, but aside from that, I typically watch cartoons/anime. Lastly, my favourite colour is yellow!

Daniel Hennigar

Daniel Hennigar

News Reporter

Hey! I’m a second-year from Port Williams, Nova Scotia, majoring in International Relations and minoring in English. I love to play tennis and listen to music (SZA and
Drake are my favs). News reporting with The
Argosy is a new experience for me, but I’m excited to get started on something I’m passionate about.

Hannah MacFarlane

News Reporter

I’m a second-year student majoring in psychology from Woodstock, New Brunswick. In my free time, I enjoy reading, cooking and enjoying nature. As a news reporter this year I am excited to learn more about the people of Sackville.


Jaya Condran

News Reporter

Hi! I’m Jaya, (she/her, they/them) from Halifax, Nova Scotia. I’m pursuing an honours in political science through the PPE program, with a minor in history. I’m planning to do public policy, but in the meantime; I am often found aimlessly scrolling on Wikipedia, reading various non-fiction books, and scribbling down thoughts on a random sheet of paper.


Kelsey Ross

Arts & Culture Reporter

My name is Kelsey! I’m a history major in my fourth year and an Arts and Culture Reporter for the Argosy! I love books, writing, and games. I hope to provide Argosy readers with some interesting articles to read this year.


Aaryan Kunwar


Hi, I am a fourth-year student from Kathmandu, Nepal pursuing a major in
Commerce and a minor in Computer Science. I am an admirer of cinema, and an avid follower of football due to my support for Manchester United. Writing has always allowed me to traverse through curious concepts so I have always been fascinated with the art of it. Consequently, I am excited to join the Argosy this year to contribute to this esteemed long-standing publication.
Caye (Caroline) Bromley

Caye (Caroline) Bromley

Arts and Culture Reporter

Aaniin, My name is Caroline Bromley, but I go by my chosen name Caye and write under Caye (Caroline) Bromley. I use They/She/He pronouns, and I am a second year Drama Major with a Double Minor in Music & Screen Studies. I am an Indigenous person and have a passion for
spreading awareness surrounding Indigenous
issues, as well as playing my instruments, singing, and spending time with my
service cat.


Shirley Joubert


Shirley Joubert is a second year English major with a passion for writing. She
spends her time creating poems, short stories, novels, and film scripts, most of
which she claims she will probably never finish until she stops getting distracted by
shiny, new ideas. Shirley has been loving her time here in Sackville and on campus,
and has plans to focus her energy as a new, wide eyed Arts and Culture journalist on
the wonderfully creative people in town. When she isn’t writing, Shirley hangs out
with her family’s two cats, makes obscure fan art, collects cassettes and VHS
tapes, and watches far too many movies. If you’re ever looking for her around town,
you can find her lounging in the campus library, or ordering macarons at Aida’s
(they’re her favourite).
Lydia Paterson

Lydia Paterson

Photography Editor

My name is Lydia Paterson, and I am from Saint John, New Brunswick. I am in my fourth year taking a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Fine Arts, with a double minor in Visual and Material Culture, and Art History. This is my first year working with The Argosy as the Photography Editor, but I am very excited to work with the paper and see where the year goes!


Ranz Tayo Bontogon


Greetings! I’m Ranz (he/him) a BFA student
who hails from the city of Taguig, Philippines. I currently reside in the windswept marshes of Mi’kma’ki, nestled in the town of Sackville, NB. Photography is my true love and a medium through which I express my deep connection to my heritage. I strive to promote cultural awareness and foster an appreciation for the rich tapestry of my beloved homeland. Through my lens, I aim to capture genuine moments, tell powerful stories that celebrate diversity, and ignite curiosity about different cultures & perspectives.

Upendra Adhikari


Allow me to introduce myself properly. My
name is Upendra Adhikari, and I am currently a second-year student pursuing a BSc in Aviation with a minor in Physics and Astrophysics. Hailing from the majestic Himalayas, I have always been captivated by the breathtaking beauty of the mountains. It is through this admiration that I discovered my profound passion for photography. I am beyond excited to bring my enthusiasm, dedication, and love for capturing moments to the Argosy team.

Kaya Panthier

Kaya Panthier

Illustrations Editor

I am a Third Year Bachelor of Fine Arts Student from Halifax, Nova Scotia. I am very excited to be the Illustrations Editor at The Argosy this year. I love printmaking, painting, and writing poetry. Outside of class, I can usually be found in the PCCA print and painting studios

Gabriel Theriault 7- use this one please

Gabriel Theriault


I’m in my fifth year of a bachelor of music with a major in saxophone. I’ve been a cartoonist for The Argosy for three years, and an illustrator for two. Besides art and music, I enjoy cooking and being outdoors

Olivia Haill


I am from Halifax NS and am in my third year of Classics Studies with a minor in Fine Arts. I’m an Aquarius. I own two betta fish, and my favorite flavor of pudding cup is the butterscotch kind. It’s my first year working with the Argosy, and I’m super excited to be part of the team!

Courtney Richard

Courtney Richard


Hi folks! I am a fourth-year student originally from Shediac (fierté Acadienne!) majoring in Psychology and minoring in Sociology. I enjoy dogs, cats, art, spending time outdoors, and trying new things. I’m so excited to be working with The Argosy team for the first time!


Chloe Duguay

Distributions Manager

From Truro, Nova Scotia, Chloé is entering her third year of studies. She is pursuing a degree in International Relations with minors in French and Geography. For the 2022- 2023 academic year, Chloé studied abroad in Strasbourg, France. As a lover of books and journalism, she is excited to return to campus and be a part of The Argosy team.


Mackenzie Chase

Website Development Manager

Hi! I’m from SaintGermain-en-Laye, France. I’m a Computer Science Major with a Minor in Fine Arts in my final year at MTA. In my spare time, I enjoy going on photo walks, trying new recipes, and watching movies.


Muhammad Khan

Social Media Manager

Hi! I am Hamza, I use he/him pronouns and I am from Pakistan, I am the new Social Media Manager for Argosy, currently majoring in Aviation. I love dogs, skiing and obviously flying!