Missing students prompt mass protests The disappearance of 43 Mexican students has led to mass protests in Mexico City. Relatives and friends leading the protests have been demanding government action to find the 43 missing. The students, all training to be teachers, went missing after attending a protest in Iguala. An official explanation, released by […]

The gap between international and domestic students is growing. While Mount Allison’s international students pay an unsubsidized sum twice the rate of what domestic students pay, a recent tuition increase means they will now pay that, plus almost $1,500 more than their Canadian counterparts. Tuition for international students has increased $1,206 as of this year’s […]

FREDERICTON (CUP) — The University of New Brunswick Student Union debated the merits of endorsing a “Greek Council” of fraternities and sororities at the university. The endorsement would grant some official legitimacy to the societies at a time when similar ones have been subjects of controversy in the United States, where they are much more […]

The Mount Allison Students’ Union council debated subsidizing both  bus tickets for students to Hamilton, Ont. and $1,000 of student money to a viewing party for Nov. 22’s Mitchell Bowl. Ultimately, council supported neither proposal. North Side Councillor Madeline Stewart was the one to propose the fan bus subsidization. “Fan support is hugely important and […]

The Canadian Alliance of Student Associations provided an opportunity for post-secondary students to meet with federal policy and decision makers in Ottawa last week. The Mount Allison Students’ Union funded the trip for MASU President Heather Webster and Vice-President, External Affairs Annie Sherry to represent Mount Allison students, a trip which cost students about $1,910. […]

In recent years, students, faculty, and alumni from post-secondary institutions across North America and around the world have called upon their administrators to pull their endowment funds from the fossil fuel industry. The logic behind the divestment movement is simple. If it is wrong to wreck the planet, then it is wrong to profit from […]

Michael Brown, an unarmed teenager from Ferguson, Missouri, was shot and killed by a police officer in early August. Within days of the event, an online hacker group, Anonymous, triumphantly declared via Twitter that they knew the identity of the offending officer.  As it was their duty, they released a name and picture of the […]

In the last decade, genetically modified organisms (GMOs) have been largely criticized. Canadian rock legend Neil Young has always been an outspoken activist on environmental and First Nations issues. His latest endeavour includes urging his followers to boycott Starbucks, after the Grocery Manufacturers’ Association (GMA), which is made up of 300 companies, initiated a lawsuit […]

On the heels of the Jian Ghomeshi scandal, who was fired from CBC for alleged sexual assaults, two Liberal MPs have been expelled from the party. The connection? Both of these cases deal with sexual assault allegations against public figures and what it means to make these kind of allegations. Liberal leader Justin Trudeau promptly […]