30 killed in clashes between police and rebels in the Philippines Heavy fighting between police forces and Muslim rebels near Mamasapano, Maguindanao led to the death of at least 30 people on Jan. 25. The attack shook the foundation of a one year-old peace treaty established between the government and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front. […]

When students and community members first walked into the room, blankets of various colours, patterns and shapes were laid out in no particular order on the floor, slightly off centre. The narrators, three members of Canadian Roots Exchange, invited everyone to stand on the blankets. Participants were told they were standing on land initially inhabited […]

Despite what they may try to tell you, Bell is not a sincere ally in the struggle against mental illness. Bell’s role in the communications oligopoly made up of Bell, Rogers and Telus that dominates the Canadian cellphone market is representative of some of the worst aspects of capitalism. Corporate charity is not motivated by […]

This past weekend, the University Chapel hosted “the Blanket Exercise,” an interactive learning activity developed by Kairos, the Canadian inter-church agency that works towards social justice. It was a tremendous time of learning and reflection, and participants came from various groups on campus to share in this powerful experience of learning about aboriginal issues and […]

Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird returned to Canada last week from a three-day diplomatic tour of Egypt and the Middle East. Most of the press coverage of the tour concentrated on what Baird was unable to accomplish: the release of Egyptian-Canadian journalist Mohamed Fahmy. However, according to Baird, the trip to Egypt was a diplomatic […]

I am writing to add my support to Emma Jackson’s call for Mount Allison University to divest from fossil fuels (Letters, Nov. 27, 2014). Last May, at the occasion of long-standing VP Administration David Stewart’s retirement, President Campbell spoke admiringly about Mr. Stewart’s commitment to the principle of intergenerational equity as a cornerstone for the […]

Bernard Drainville, a member of the Parti Québécois, recently proposed a revision of the failed 2013 Charter of Values. Drainville seems to believe in the necessity of a secular society, but may be going too far in his attempt to prohibit the expression of religious beliefs in public institutions. The original charter would prohibit all […]

On paper, St. Vincent looks like an average Hollywood comedy: the premise is quirky, the actors are well-known and the soundtrack is familiar. However, the story of an irritable, crotchety and alcoholic Vietnam War veteran who acts as an unlikely babysitter for the son of his new neighbour is not quite as simplistic on screen […]

Acclaimed writer and Ontario educator, Mark Blagrave, reads Sackville-inspired works. After the recent release of Salt in the Wounds, Mark Blagrave returned to the place that inspired his collection of short stories. A Mount Allison alumnus who now works as the Dean of Arts and Social Sciences at Huron University College, Blagrave read excerpts from […]