Ah! What is that in the air? A brisk wind? Hmm… Is that a whiff of apple cider? Fall has arrived. As the dog-days of summer finally wind down, we welcome the sweet melancholy of autumn’s approach. The editorial staff at the Argosy have curated the perfect soundtrack to your bonfire, evening stroll, and morning […]

On Oct. 2, the Pro-Choice Moncton / Moncton Pro-Choix group organized a “Choice Chain” protest in response to the annual “Life Chain” demonstration put on by pro-lifers in Moncton. Approximately 15 Mount Allison students carpooled to Moncton and attended the pro-choice rally that Sunday afternoon, standing in solidarity with the Pro-Choice Moncton organizers and activists. […]

Despite ratifying the most recent United Nations agreement on climate change, which requires governments to adopt stronger and more extensive climate policies, the Canadian federal government has recently approved another major pipeline. Last month, the Pacific Northwest Liquefied Natural Gas (PNW LNG) pipeline was given the green light in Ottawa. As a climate justice activist, […]

David Rogosin and Janet’s Hammock’s Piano Fusion tour made its fourth stop at Brunton’s second Mid-Week Music guest recital, presenting a thrilling afternoon of duo piano compositions. The well-rounded program presented classical, romantic, modern and newly composed pieces for four hands. Highly regarded piano duo pieces were contrasted by fresh compositions, giving the audience a […]

Equipped with concealing black masks and official membership cards, the mysterious Society of Anonymous Drawers (SAD) may send local conspiracy theorists into a tailspin of research and yarn-on-corkboard investigation. The society can aptly be described as a collection of artists with a specific goal: to break down the common paradigm of what it means to […]

Foraging is an excellent way to inspire your holiday concoctions, not to mention a valuable and timeless skill. Even better, it provides a sense of independence and self-reliance that has all but disappeared in a society of supermarkets and fast-food restaurants. Exploring nature for apple trees, rose hips and wild herbs is much more enriching […]