Wake up, sheeple! We, the student body, are all under threat. The oppressor is invisible, acting in secrecy right beneath our noses. I have put myself at considerable risk in choosing to publish my theory, and am writing under the name Mark Snowden. The Argosy is the last bastion of unbiased, objective journalism. Follow me […]

It has been a November unlike any other. Like many others, I have continued to follow the news after the results of the American election. As the news and social media discourse has clearly indicated, many people feel profoundly affected by Trump’s win not only in the United States, but here in Canada as well. […]

On Nov. 9, Bishop’s University’s President Michael Goldbloom stood in front of a room of distinguished guests at an elite Toronto event hall and announced that the U4 League was transitioning into the Maple League of Universities – a name which, he admitted, is “a little bit of a nod at the Ivy League.” According […]

In defence of inappropriate humour, people often jump to one response: “It’s just a joke!” Most students of social science would roll their eyes at this response, but in it lies a shred of truth. Jokes are not people; they are ideas. They are something to be communicated, shared over lunch, broadcast on cable TV, […]

Although intramurals at Mount Allison have been run imperfectly in the past, they have been  consistently maintained and have been enjoyed by participants. However, this fall, the quality of intramural sports and overall organization were at an all-time low. Usually you’ll hear a few complaints about unqualified referees, teams picking up ineligible players and even […]

Over a meal of Haitian food at a trendy Montreal restaurant, a friend and I discussed her experience working at the city’s Mile End Community Mission’s food program. A monthly community dinner provided by a local restaurateur, got us questioning: Do restaurants have a role in shaping the palates of the community they serve? While […]

There were two ways to get out the city: the Farmer’s Gate and the Main Gate. At each exit a toll or a pass was needed to get out. But then there was also the Smuggler’s Gate; a hole in the wall that few knew of, which could be used to exit the city, no […]

I angle awake on a hairline fracture of anxiety,     bright slit of moon in the blueblack sky and a hum         like muted static breaking through. Might it be     the universe ceaselessly informing itself         beyond our vibrational bands,             […]