It’s that time of year, when students are applying to be residence assistants (RAs) and executive members for the following academic year. I remember freaking out last year about the application, the interview and waiting not-so patiently for my email from Student Life to tell me if I would become Harper Hall’s Assistant Don (AD). […]

When I was in junior high school, people I did not know well began to ask me exactly what I am, a meek attempt at flirting: “So girl, what are you?” There were a number of different phrasings people could have picked for this question, and honestly, I don’t think there is a proper way […]

Canada produces eighty percent of the world’s maple syrup, so it seems logical that over the course of time the sweet syrup has become a symbol of national identity. The delicacy is tied to Canada’s environment, culture, cuisine, politics, science and economy. These ties were explored in Elizabeth Jewett’s lecture, “Tapping the History of Commodity […]

Last Sunday, the Montreal-based Huu Bac Quintet paid Mount Allison a visit and enthralled concert-goers with its signature blend of traditional jazz and music from around the world. Of Vietnamese and Chinese heritage, versatile musician Huu Bac expertly performed the dan bau (traditional Vietnamese monochord), erhu (Chinese fiddle) and the jazz guitar with accompaniment from […]

You speak to me seductively In my ears as I sleep And laugh as I weep and chatter my aching teeth As I wipe the overflowing tears I hear your cries and feel your stabs You so desperately want me back You are my shadow You tap on my shoulder Each time reminding me that […]

With two great flashes of blue light, Jeska Grue’s power went out. The electric transformer outside her house exploded on Jan. 24, the night of Sackville’s ice storm. The blast was quickly followed by the appearance of three fire trucks and multiple firefighters searching the dark, snow dusted streets with flashlights. Like most of those […]