A new program organized by the Psychology Society hopes to foster connection between first, second, and upper-year students For psychology students interested in meeting other psychology students, learning more about the program, and sharing with and learning from others, Mount Allison’s Psychology Society has introduced a new peer mentorship program: Making Connections. The program will […]

This year the Argosy will be highlighting many of Mount Allison’s honours science  students by showcasing their research and a bit about themselves! Mount Allison’s science programs afford opportunities for upper year students to participate in year-long research projects, either independent studies or working with a professor on their research. Most students who partake in […]

On Wednesday September 16, Adele Marsland presented “From Archival Print to Modern Score: Making a Critical Edition of Two Seventeenth-Century Italian Motets” to the music department as the finale of her summer research program. Her project, supported by the J.E.A. Crake Foundation, was to transcribe two of Arcangelo Borsaro’s motets from seventeenth-century musical notation into […]

How Students are Choosing to Celebrate Thanksgiving during the Pandemic          With the presence of COVID-19 as well as a surge of new cases in Zones 1 and 5, students are celebrating Thanksgiving this year in new ways. Instead of gathering with friends and family, Mount Allison recommended that students stay on campus and partake […]

A project about healing and reconciliation.          Back in 2017, associate professor of music at Mt. A  Dr. Linda Pearse brought together a literary scholar, a historian, a composer and performer of jazz music, a group of early music performers, and Indigenous performers and drummers to make music together. At some point during these rehearsals, […]

Black healthcare summit addresses gaps in medical treatment for black women. Historically, medical research has been almost exclusively conducted on white, and primarily male subjects. As a result, ethnic minorities have been neglected by the modern healthcare system and few have felt this more deeply than Black women. On October 6, the Women’s College Hospital […]

Local Activist and Green Party Representative Weigh in on Hope for Sackville’s Future On September 27, Sackville community members and Mt. A students gathered virtually on Zoom to brainstorm innovative projects to be implemented in the town with the support of the Rising Youth program. Rising Youth is a grant initiative by TakingITGlobal created “for […]

This week I thought I would debunk some thoughts around self-care. While it may mean different things to different people, the principles remain the same. It differs in dosage, but everyone requires a level of self-care in their daily lives. When pursuing this, consider the following: Self-care is NOT selfish: Putting time and attention towards […]

What they are and how to apply. On September 29, the J.E.A Crake Foundation released a call for submissions for their annual internships. These internships allow students to work on interdisciplinary projects typically in fields surrounding the arts. The internships are funded by the J.E.A Crake Foundation. “The Crake Foundation is very clear that they […]