Many of us have encountered the view that recent social justice efforts on college campuses across the continent have been gross overreactions to purportedly harmless assertions of free speech. As many writers have competently explained, these appeals to free speech, like refusals to respect calls for trigger warnings or safe spaces, deflect conversations from the […]

When the news spread last week that Mel’s Tea Room was at risk of being sold, numerous responses poured onto Facebook. I read most: Some were short notes – a handful of them charged with racist overtones accusing the owners of Song’s Chopsticks of trying to buy out the building – and others were wistful […]

I was recently gifted Mary Frances Kennedy Fisher’s 1937 Serve It Forth. This book is a meditation on culinary history that begins by announcing its intention to break with earlier traditions of gastronomic writing. In impeccable prose, Fisher traces the history of culinary excesses in Greek antiquity, offers a literary account of the potato and […]

In an ongoing project titled The Golden USB, Montreal-based artists Richard Ighby and Marilou Lemmens invite us to consider how we understand our world through the lens of commodification. Reflecting on the ability of commerce to break down borders, the artists explore the relationship between global, earth-bound capitalism and the frontier of outer space. As […]

As a temporary resident of Sackville, travelling for the holidays complicates my meaning of “home.” In a literal sense, being home means sleeping in the house where I grew up and where my mother still lives. The sight of familiar mountains and the miscellanea of left-behind objects in my childhood bedroom affirm that this house […]

At this point in the semester, the stresses that our studies, relationships and society in general impose on us often reach a critical mass. A friend of mine recently mentioned that she is quick to feed her close friends whenever cooking becomes too great a challenge to take on, aware of their occasional need to […]

Over a meal of Haitian food at a trendy Montreal restaurant, a friend and I discussed her experience working at the city’s Mile End Community Mission’s food program. A monthly community dinner provided by a local restaurateur, got us questioning: Do restaurants have a role in shaping the palates of the community they serve? While […]

In the next few years, Mount Allison’s new Centre for Environmental Innovation will welcome a number of environmental scientists to Sackville’s research community. Precedent suggests that the University will host an opening gala to celebrate the Centre and our leadership in environmental innovation. It is equally likely that Aramark, the corporation responsible for supplying all […]

In a society that is always asking us to be more absorbed in our professional lives, our reliance on others for food has become increasingly pronounced. In varying degrees, the work of planning, shopping for, cooking and cleaning up after meals makes up a highly industrialized food culture. Within consumerist narratives, fast, pre-packaged lunches are […]

Foraging is an excellent way to inspire your holiday concoctions, not to mention a valuable and timeless skill. Even better, it provides a sense of independence and self-reliance that has all but disappeared in a society of supermarkets and fast-food restaurants. Exploring nature for apple trees, rose hips and wild herbs is much more enriching […]