Trapped It always starts with my heart Jumping around as if it were a bunny in my chest. My brain asking me what’s going on. My brain telling me I’m going to die. My brain worrying nobody will stay. I’m quivering. I’m trembling like an earthquake and There’s no escape. I’m not good enough, nobody […]

Mount Allison shortening reading week to 21 hours states: “Fuck it!”   –   LOOKING BACK: Local suffering from ‘man cold’ about to lose his fucking marbles over this one   –   PPE department sues university for coming up with an acronym that sounds like a euphemism for a p*nis

The sky tonight, I’m surprised to find, is grey instead of black; dull enough to make me doubt the stars are coming back. But turning now, to your eyes, cornflower blue and all, reminds me how much time it took to get from spring to fall. That golden season wand’ring streets at midnight hours passed, […]

Without the safety-net of having the option to withdraw, students may face additional stress As a sociology student, I have been trained to identify possible consequences of policy changes. That is exactly what I did when I received an email last summer regarding the course withdrawal dates at Mount Allison University. Prior to these changes, […]