Political science professor examines a Canadian company’s involvement in the international high-speed rail sector On Oct. 23, with a yellow moon shining overhead, political science professor Dr. David Thomas’s new book Bombardier Abroad: Patterns of Dispossession was introduced to the world at large. This book is focused on analyzing Canadian companies’ roles in international tension […]

When one door closes, a laptop opens In recent years, there has been much strife between the administration and students over changes to the University’s spending. The most recent incarnation of this tension is the conversation about cancelling correspondence courses. It goes without saying that this move royally screws over a loud minority of students […]

The first time is always the most awkward. You don’t know where to put it, and don’t even know if this is the right time. But this is something important that you want to remember when you’re older. These are common dilemmas when someone considers introducing the first foreign stroke of ink to an otherwise […]

Now bear with me for a second here. I know that I just dug up a year-old corpse most would like to stay well buried under the ground. However, I ask you to tolerate the stench for about five hundred words, so I can show you, via an autopsy of the decayed mass, that it […]