Assessment will collect data on student health and well-being, beginning March 19 As a university that prides itself on being student-centered, Mount Allison seeks to adapt and tailor the support and services it offers to best fit student needs. In order to determine these needs and address student concerns, there must be an open dialogue […]

The value of platonic relationships is often overlooked in the pursuit of romantic love Valentine’s Day is one of my least favourite holidays. Love is great and all, but commercial consumerism has turned it into a day necessitating perfect gifts and elaborate dates. Do you remember handing out valentines to all your friends in elementary […]

We aren’t free from the patriarchy yet What words would you use to deeply insult a man? Maybe something like sissy. Princess. You little bitch. Don’t be a pussy. You *insert verb here* like a girl. What do these insults have in common? If you said, “They’re all feminine or in some way related to/associated […]