On Oct. 2, the Pro-Choice Moncton / Moncton Pro-Choix group organized a “Choice Chain” protest in response to the annual “Life Chain” demonstration put on by pro-lifers in Moncton. Approximately 15 Mount Allison students carpooled to Moncton and attended the pro-choice rally that Sunday afternoon, standing in solidarity with the Pro-Choice Moncton organizers and activists. […]

Outcome of trial is emotionally heavy, disappointing for many By the time you are reading this piece, two weeks will have passed since the verdict of the Jian Ghomeshi trial was released. Two words that, for most people, were hard to swallow: not guilty. Since then, a lot has transpired – mass media outcry against […]

Posters addressing mental health issues are well-intentioned but dangerous Over the past couple of weeks, there have been a slew of posters around campus regarding mental health and specifically antidepressants. These posters feature a design of one hand reaching for a bottle of (smiley-face) pills while another hand is seemingly holding the first one back […]

De-funding of WGST program symptom of larger, institutional issue Last week, the Mount Allison University administration indicated that there would be no available funding for the women’s and gender studies program (WGST) for the 2016-17 academic year. As a WGST minor myself, this news is both infuriating and devastating. Also, it sadly comes as not […]