Daimen Hardie and Natalia Moudrak discuss climate-driven natural disasters and mitigation “Humans have been on a roll these last few hundred years, that’s for sure,” said Daimen Hardie, co-founder and executive director of Community Forests International. “But I think crashing the Earth’s climate probably tops the list.” On Oct. 16, Natalia Moudrak, the director of […]

Jessica Correa discusses what people can do to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions On Sept. 11, Jessica Correa, the founder of the social enterprise Random Acts of Green, gave a presentation on how every person can make a difference for the environment through small daily acts. The talk was organized by MASU. According to their […]

Dr. Lori Dithurbide discusses her research on trust in group sport psychology On March 22, Dr. Lori Dithurbide, a sports psychologist and professor of kinesiology at Dalhousie, gave a seminar on trust between teammates and how that trust impacts performance. This talk was organized by the psychology department. “My primary research area is the social […]

Jean-Paul Boudreau discusses how action and cognition interplay in developmental psych On March 8, President Jean-Paul Boudreau gave a seminar on the insights he and his fellow researchers have gained from observing infants’ object exploration in the field of developmental psychology. The talk was a part of the Honours Psychology Research Seminars. To begin the […]

Luke Anderson discusses the topic of accessibility and what we can do to better our communities “In order to make our communities even better places, we need everybody around the table,” said Luke Anderson, executive director of the StopGap Foundation. “We need people from all different lived experiences in on the discussion of how to […]

Administration, faculty and students discuss what the Maple League is and why Mount Allison is a part of it “It’s really about bringing the uniqueness of our four institutions together to create an opportunity to support innovation in liberal education, experiential learning opportunities for our students, shared opportunities around teaching,” said President Jean-Paul Boudreau, “and […]