On the WGST cuts and why yes, it is always about race The work that went into the #WGSTcuts mobilization was really impressive. However, it was heavily focused on the experiences of white women at Mount Allison, and there was a substantial lack of acknowledgement of the privilege and power this whiteness affords us. As […]

In 2006 the Aboriginal Community Development Centre was shut down. The ACDC worked on the Mount Allison campus to support First Nations students and surrounding First Nations communities from 2003 to 2006. The ACDC’s purpose was to respond to the priorities of First Nations communities in the Atlantic Region and operated as a platform for […]

I shouldn’t have to write this article. Then again, a person of colour also shouldn’t have to write this article either. There shouldn’t be a need for this article at all, but as we enter black history month, this needs to be said. I am, by no means, the most qualified person to be writing […]