This year the Argosy will be highlighting many of Mount Allison’s honours science  students by showcasing their research and a bit about themselves! Mount Allison’s science programs afford opportunities for upper year students to participate in year-long research projects, either independent studies or working with a professor on their research. Most students who partake in […]

Black healthcare summit addresses gaps in medical treatment for black women. Historically, medical research has been almost exclusively conducted on white, and primarily male subjects. As a result, ethnic minorities have been neglected by the modern healthcare system and few have felt this more deeply than Black women. On October 6, the Women’s College Hospital […]

Is it worth it? Recently, Nintendo came out with a package deal that includes three of their most iconic games for the price of $79.99. I am a student (with a student budget), so when I saw the price tag I was taken aback. I didn’t hesitate to make this purchase, but. I am a […]

Causeway Closure Causes Problems After over 50 years, the Petitcodiac River Causeway between Moncton and Riverview is set to be removed next year.  Since its construction in 1968, the causeway has been a major point of contention between many parties in the province. Originally constructed instead of a bridge due to fiscal pressure from the […]

Are small nuclear reactors New Brunswick’s green savior? Sustainable energy is a pressing issue that continues to demand resolutions, and fast. Being such an urgent issue, environment and sustainability were central components to the political platforms of the recent provincial election. Blaine Higgs’ newly elected Progressive Conservative government ran on an environmental platform which proposes […]