“It’s one of the longest projects – personal projects – that I’ve ever been involved in,” Adrian Kiva told me as we framed the photographs that would be his – and Cranewood on Main’s –  first art show, The Living Road. It opened on March 29 and will run until May 6. The show is […]

The singular candidate, Jean-Paul Boudreau, discussed qualifications and answered questions On Monday, Jan. 15, Dr. Jean-Paul Boudreau, special advisor and executive lead at Ryerson University, visited campus to meet with the University’s students, faculty and staff. He could be found four times at three different locations across campus. Boudreau spent one hour at each event. […]

Within wonder, here our golden land lies. Thrice these three kings, grandly bid by gold sun, Are, in fairest gold each, coronated. Gifts by Phoebus graced and Phoebus shielded That soon are dwarfed twicewise by what follows: The first will come, welcome, liquid and gold; In engulfing decadence do they drown.   They lie still […]