Motyer-Fancy’s sustainable production about climate change sheds light on heavy issues The recent news regarding climate change has undoubtedly shed a new light about environmental issues and how we can collaborate to improve the state of the environment. The UN recently issued a report warning irregular rising temperatures within the next decade or so, introducing […]

New society on campus focuses on unconventional writing and free expression The newly founded Live Poets Society is run by fourth-year fine arts student Sarah Noonan, who created the club as a space to share written and spoken word poetry. Noonan started the club mainly out of her own personal interest after she spent the […]

I think George Lucas must have written this one Since school started in September, I have been looking for an excuse to check out the Vogue here in Sackville, but until now I hadn’t had the opportunity to do so. However, this past Tuesday I bit the bullet and bought a cheap night ticket to […]

So, you like jazz? The notes were smooth, carefully sliding and slipping into each other, both joyfully off the cuff and rigorously rehearsed. Last Friday, Oct. 19, Becoming Jazz delicately took an audience through both the surprises of jazz music and the technical mastery of so-called “art music.” Dr. James Kalyn (saxophone and clarinet) wanted […]

Last year’s exchange students share their experiences abroad Mount Allison’s International Office currently has exchange partnerships with 26 schools in 20 different countries. Students who went on exchange last year gathered for the Study Abroad and Exchange Fair this week. Here, several of them share their experiences. David Spence David Spence, a fourth-year political science […]

The New Brunswick Food Security Action Network contends that purchasing local food stimulates the local economy, promotes food security and reduces greenhouse gas emissions arising from otherwise lengthy transportation requirements. While prices for local produce and meats are often slightly higher than those in grocery stores, vendors at the Sackville Farmers Market are eager to […]

The Tantramarsh Blues Society is still going strong after 18 years, but student attendance numbers dwindle Once a three-storey hotel and now a small-town music club, George’s Roadhouse is perhaps a forgotten gem in the town of Sackville. Despite the fact that its doors closed to the everyday public years ago, this secluded venue has […]

The world of Isle of Dogs is ruled by cat lovers which, as you would imagine, is incredibly inconvenient for all the dutiful dogs who make Megasaki City their home. Another problem is the dog flu, which, if the frightening feline friends are to be believed, has infected every dog in this dangerous, dystopian world. […]

How Mt. A’s drama students are juggling their extracurricular projects and productions along with their studies For performers, there is nothing like the feeling of opening-night jitters, or the rush of adrenaline you get when skimming a cast list to find your name; or for directors, the feeling you get watching your creative vision come […]

Exploring the modern day off-grid life choices Mount Allison students are making Have you ever been fed up with the constant communication that social media demands, or wanted to fight against the societal norms we feel we have an obligation to abide by? As a university student, living in complete isolation from the outside world […]