It’s a small world after all, at least according to Nolan Parker In the movie adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkien’s beloved classic The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, the Lady Galadriel states that “Even the smallest person can change the course of the future.” It’s an apt reminder to not forget the […]

As convocation approaches, arts students consider what awaits for them after they step across the stage There is a well-known saying that suggests that if you find a job doing something you love, you will never work a day in your life. Some students may begin to question this counsel as convocation weekend quickly approaches, […]

This week, along with hundreds of students I will be graduating in the class of 2018. I will not, however, be walking on stage during Convocation. Instead, after careful deliberation, I have decided to protest my convocation. This is why. In my first semester of university, athletes on the Mount Allison football team dressed up […]

Graduates exhibit work on campus one last time Although the fine arts graduating students’ exhibit is an annual event, one would be mistaken to characterize it as repetitive. This year, the show features several talented soon-to-be alumni exhibiting their “swan songs,” as per the title of this iteration of the exhibit. While each piece is […]

Chapter 10: Solving the Mystery A note to the readership: Alas, our time together has reached its end. But we’ve yet some distance to cover! To refresh your weary memories, this story has two heroes: the young Ralph and dear old Ms. Fannon. The two live in the little town of Lincolnshire. They have been […]

“It’s one of the longest projects – personal projects – that I’ve ever been involved in,” Adrian Kiva told me as we framed the photographs that would be his – and Cranewood on Main’s –  first art show, The Living Road. It opened on March 29 and will run until May 6. The show is […]

Crake postdoctoral fellow Simeon Ehrlich presents his research on cities in late antiquity Simeon Ehrlich, the 2017-18 Crake postdoctoral fellow, made a compelling case for rethinking how we categorize ancient cities at a talk he gave on Wednesday, March 28 in the Wu. “The forms of cities themselves don’t necessarily tell us much about their […]

After 25 years, Decima Mitchell bids farewell to the drama program and Mount Allison Since 1993, Decima Mitchell has been the resident designer for Motyer-Fancy Theatre. She’s designed sets and costumes for faculty shows, directed plays, taught theatre design basics to students and worked at various community theatre companies in Sackville. After 124 productions, Mitchell […]

Students design fun souvenirs featuring Library of Congress classification system This past week, the R.P. Bell library hosted its very own unique event. Students were encouraged to interact with an exhibit called Shelfie, which brought Mount Allison’s library classification system to life. Dr. Spurles, head of the anthropology department, and Elizabeth Stregger, systems librarian, helped […]