“How are your ejaculations?” This was a question posed by my therapist during my first session. I laughed, not really knowing how to answer. When I came home and thought about it more, I realized just how much I didn’t like myself, to the point that I denied myself even the most natural of urges. […]

Maclean’s annual rankings of primarily undergraduate universities ranked Mount Allison’s mental health services an appalling 19th among the 19 universities listed. Beyond doubt, there will be steps taken by the MASU and the Mt. A administration to act on this. The urgent need of improved mental health services will be unquestioned on paper, but the […]

To reflect the evolving demands of the New Brunswick Student Alliance’s members, this year our board has made the conscious decision to continue challenging how we interpret our mandate and what accessibility means to this and future generations of post-secondary students. As a result, our members can expect a variety of student issues – some […]

I spend most Sundays asleep. After a long week working and a long night partying, I grant myself permission to spend the day locked away napping and snacking with Netflix by my side. I free myself of the guilt that accompanies an unproductive day with the simple excuse that I am exercising self-care. I push […]

Last Wednesday I left Elephant in the Room in a blissful haze of acceptance, love and validation – but my feelings about the event have not always been this warm. The anti-stigma student speaker series began when Change Your Mind, the group that organizes it, was formed during my first year. I remember how much […]

Before the next sun rises My bed must be made, and Never climbed into again. I must get myself Out of here, seek different vistas, the other side Of the highway, clasping her bronzed hand (she’s a prophetess    she who mirrored no surprise but smiled my own image back to me). I never broke […]

I owe you innumerable apologies For things I can’t apologize for Because when the line between Me and what is just a part of me Blend, I mistake chemistry for choice And try to seal myself back Together with salt water and An abundance of oxygen But failing, I find myself Pressed against your back […]

Today I signed a library card I clipped it to my keys, so I could always be prepared The entire province of New Brunswick is new to me I am reminded because I now hold a “powerful tool” That is a privilege is a responsibility is a burden is “Stephanie’s Ponytail” at 9:37 on a […]

Daniel MacIvor’s touching play, Marion Bridge, perfectly captures a troubled family dynamic as it follows three sisters who return home to Cape Breton to be with their dying mother. The eldest sister and nun, Theresa (Alex Duchemin), returns home with Agnes (Jane Rempel), the alcoholic middle sister, and Louise (Gabrielle Gagnon), the youngest and most […]